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Unless you are living in who knows what part of the world, where some major human rights and freedoms are not recognized, you must have already had your first experience with YouTube. If you think of it as to an incredibly huge collection of videos that can be enriched by every single user, which in fact it is, the link between this website and wedding videos in general will suddenly become obvious.

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What can you find on YouTube?

The real question is what you cannot find on YouTube. Because everyone can create a personal account and add the videos that he or she possesses on a personal channel, many people decide to make public videos of their wedding day. Such videos can contain raw filming material or they can simply be a video editing with the most interesting or wacky wedding photos. Some couples even want to film videos in which they are trying to imitate a popular song video and then post it on YouTube. Others simply decide to post videos of other people weddings, especially celebrities. Since everyone is dying to catch details, these videos are a real success. In addition, you get the chance to see all sorts of short documentaries and films with wedding preparations and decor suggestions, with funny wedding dances, with the most hilarious accidents on weddings, with ways of making your way down the aisle and so far. You should really check it out.

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Why would you use YouTube?

First of all, placing a wedding video on YouTube is the fastest, the easiest and the most convenient way of making it available for all your friends and relatives who have internet access. In addition to these, once you have uploaded a video on this website, you can use the prewritten html code – the so called embed code – and post it on any other writing platform of the internet, such as a blog or a personal page, or you can directly link it with other popular websites like facebook, just to give an example.

Alternatively, you do not have to use YouTube in this manner. You can simply take it as an opportunity of watching and learning from others’ experiences. With all the millions of videos available, this is an impressive resource not just for entertainment, but also for practical teaching.11

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