Yolancris Belle Epoque wedding dresses San Francisco

Wedding Dresses | October 09 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

For the fashionable modern bride who is interested in wearing something more authentic and truly sensational perhaps these pictures with Yolancris Belle Epoque wedding dresses that we’ve attached to this article will be as inspiring for you as they are to us. The Yolancris wedding dresses are truly exceptional, magical, surreal and formidably elegant and feminine, as if they came from another story, from a different time when everything is just smooth, simple, refined and soft. The subtle discreet elegance and gracefulness that these dresses present are unique in the world.

We recommend this designer to all the contemporary brides who are simply looking for something else in matters of fashion, style and beauty. The romantic and innocent yet flirty and sensual appearance of these antique wedding dresses is able to fulfill any bride’s wedding dress dream come true.

There aren’t many words to describe these types of dresses because these images speak for themselves. As you can see, this antique style manages to provide the bride with a very delicate, ultra-feminine and simple sophisticated look without making it seem like she’s trying or that she’s trying too much to look beautiful and attractive.

For all the vintage kind of brides who are fascinated with the old eras style, or with the 19th century style to be more precisely perhaps these types of Yolancris Belle Epoque wedding dresses will make a gorgeous selection in the end.

Who can not simply adore these dresses and say that they don’t look appropriate for a wedding or that they are not sensual, dainty and incredibly stylish? Tell us what you think about this style and let us know whether you would wear one of these wedding dresses on your old style wedding day.

The Belle Epoque style is definitely one of the most elegant, dandy, gallant, flirty and feminine timeless styles that can be used as a main inspiration for creating an antique style wedding dress. If you love the Renaissance period and you wish to wear something that can evoke or resemble the style from that period then you should definitely consider one of these stunning Yolancris Belle Epoque wedding dresses. The Beel Epoque in matters of wedding dresses or clothing can be defined through the simplicity, nonchalance and yet drama, elegance and sensuality of the style.

Most of the wedding dresses made in that era featured lace and subtle soft and smooth lace embroideries that were able to provide the bride with a very distinguished, courtly, attractive, eye-catchy, innocent and romantic clever look. These dresses are still luxurious and causal in a certain way and they are also bohemian and seductive. For an antique San Francisco wedding this type of dress can really help you make a wonderful statement.11


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  2. Almina

    May 04, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    I subscribe to everything that you are saying about these dresses. I’ve seen the other dresses of this designer in the other posts here. I also liked those and I think that I like the dresses of Yolan Chris becasue they make the bride look so sleek and amazingly beautiful. And these two here are the same. And even more they are very original. Like the first dress, for example. I like that dress so much, from fabric to color, I think I will dream of it tonight. I find it so comfortable, so chic and so modern at the same time. Because although inspired from the past, the dress looks pretty modern to me.


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