Yellow wedding bouquets

Wedding Decorations | November 14 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Brides who are planning their wedding with a more cheerful and energizing theme might be interested in seeing these splendid yellow wedding bouquets shown in the images below.

We think that the yellow color is the most suitable one for happy playful weddings booked for natural venues. In case you are organizing the big event for a garden, a back yard, an open field or for a park, you should definitely use the yellow theme for decorating the whole wedding!

The atmosphere of the wedding is created by the flowers and the colors, so you’d better use something more vibrant and dynamic in order to flatter your guests and make them feel more invited or happy to be there, accompanying you through this special day of your life. Yellow is the vivacious color that stands for optimism, faith, energy, joy of living, prosperity, light, brightness, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, exuberance, splendor, naturalness, grandeur, sensuality, suppleness, coquetry, radiance, glamour, attractiveness, romance, femininity, refinement, desire, nonchalance, freedom, high class and high expectations. All these qualities that the yellow nuance has are totally suitable for the idea of a wedding or of a marriage. One should not live on with the wrong impression that yellow means only jealousy and that in this context this shade may not be very adequate or suitable for a wedding.

There are many brides – especially those who are planning a destination wedding in a more exotic location – who end up choosing this precious charming color for the wedding theme. Eye-catchy, tropical, remarkable form afar and stylish, the yellow theme can lift up any wedding atmosphere and bring more sensuality, vibrancy and happiness in the cheeks of every bride. There are plenty types of natural flowers that can be found in this pretty color. Here are our examples: calla lilies, plumerias, tulips, narcissuses, hydrangeas, gerbera daises, asters, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, carnations, sweet peas, dahlias, Black Eyed Susan, Billy Balls, chamomiles, pansies, garden roses, irises, freesias, hyacinths, gladiolas, yarrows or zinnias.

Your yellow wedding bouquet can feature a few black, brown or purple flower stems that will make the whole arrangement more dramatic, impressive and whimsical, if this effect is the one you’re looking for. For a more sweetish and delicate look you can use other flowers that come in pastel shades of pink, coral, cream, ivory, aqua blue, lavender, peach, violet, teal, lime green, gold, pearl gray, sage green or tomato red. You can mix and match the yellow nuance with almost any color available out there and create fabulous unique and perhaps more personal combinations. If you’re planning the wedding on a beach you can use seashells, sparkling wires, pearls and beadings, brooches, crystals, corals, starfishes, umbrellas, nautical flags or anchor symbols to enrich the look of your yellow wedding bouquet.11

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