Yellow tulip wedding bouquets

Wedding Decorations | July 27 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

When deciding to go with tulips as the main flowers for your wedding and your bridal bouquet, you should also think of the best color that can emphasize the natural beauty, cheerfulness, sensuality, softness, elegance, attractiveness, inspiration and charm of this lovely type of flower.
We remind you here the most popular colors that are available in natural tulip wedding flowers: white, yellow, pink, purple, violet, lavender, orange, red and other bicolor shades. If you are planning a summer time vibrant and more cheerful wedding, why not go with a playful and creative yellow tulip wedding bouquet? This color will surely make your face more glittering, brilliant and more expressive.

The yellow color is the color that speaks of joy, elegance, happiness, enthusiasm, positive thinking, optimism, hope, femininity, light, life, sun, brightness, luminosity, inspiration, delicacy, faithfulness, truth, creativity, youth, enchant and style or class. A yellow tulip wedding bouquet can work wonderfully for any type of contextual wedding – formal or casual, modern or traditional, outdoors or indoors, sophisticated or simple, ample or intimate. Instead of planning a plain white tulip wedding bouquet, why not try something more different and eye-catching, such as a vivid and romantically unique yellow tulip wedding bouquet?

What do you think of this color? Do you find it suitable for a wedding day, for a wedding bouquet or for a tulip wedding bouquet? Are you planning a more energizing and funny casual wedding or a more formal, sober and dramatic one? What color would you pick for a tulip wedding bouquet besides white?

In order to get the answer right, browse for more pictures with different colored tulip wedding bouquets and tell us your opinion on this subject. Your yellow wedding bouquet can have a more complex and elaborated style, but the best way is to go simple and natural.

Tulips are quite fragile flowers that does not look beautiful or at their best when arranged in voluminous intricate and pompous styles. Keep it simple, casual, loose and carefree in order to highlight the natural beauty and charm of the flowers.

As we said before, tulip wedding flowers are incredibly soft, fragile and sensitive to external stimulus and that is why it’s very important to take good care of your yellow tulip wedding bouquet. We recommend you to keep the bouquet in a vase with water until the wedding ceremonies, just to make sure that the tulips will stay fresh and still be in function for the wedding.

During the wedding reception you should do the same with the bouquet if you want to keep it as a wedding souvenir. If the wedding is held during the spring time, or in colder seasons, then you can be a little more relaxed. During the summer time a tulip wedding bouquet might get quickly wilted and ruined.11