World of Warcraft Wedding Cake Toppers

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The wedding cake topper became the surprise element in the weddings today. Today everyone is expecting to see original, personalized, funny or weird wedding cake toppers. I think today the surprise will be to choose the classical bride and groom wedding cake topper, because the wedding cake topper industry developed so much you have a variety of toppers to choose from. The World of Warcraft is a popular game among teenagers and can be a perfect theme for a birthday cake.

But what do you say about World of Warcraft wedding cake topper for your wedding cake? Even if your partner is crazy about video games how can you compromise the most important event of your life by selecting the World of Warcraft theme. If you want to surprise your partner you can select a World of Warcraft cake topper for the bachelor party, if you don’t want to compromise your wedding cake you can choose a classical topper for the wedding day and another topper for example a character from World of Warcraft for an after party, or for a party between friends. But if you are both passionate about this game than I guess two characters from World of Warcraft as you wedding cake topper can be perfect.

wow characters from

I am not a fan of World of Warcaft, in fact I don’t know anything about this game, but I am sure that those who love this game know what character to choose as their cake topper.

If World of Warcraft seems like a cool theme for your wedding cake today, will you still be happy with this decision in 10 years or you will regret it? That is why it is a good idea to have two wedding cake toppers, one classical and the other one the way you want it for two different wedding cakes. You can select the classical wedding cake with the traditional wedding cake toppers, and a smaller cake with any theme you want and any cake topper you want.

You are not the only one who has been thinking about this theme for your wedding cake that is why you can find many World of Warcraft wedding cake toppers on many websites. If you have a favorite War of Warcraft character or you want a personalized cake topper you can ask an artist to create the type of topper you want.

world from

On flickr I found an interesting picture of two topper figurine from World of Warcraft. The fimo cake toppers are hand made and designed to look like the characters from World of Warcraft.

One of the artists that create figurines from World of Warcraft is Paul Pape. You can choose the War of Warcraft and Little Big Planet bride and groom wedding cake toppers. These toppers even look cute and will surely surprise your guests. The wedding cake toppers can be customized and designed to look the way you want.11

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