Winter Wonderland Wedding Cakes

21 December 2013 | Food & Drinks 0 Comments

winter wonderland wedding cakes 150x150 Winter Wonderland Wedding CakesWinter is some people’s favorite season. Indeed, the magic of winter is undeniable. The snowing, the snowflakes, the snowmen… The warm gloves, the frosty nose, the cold breathing… And above all, the winter holidays! Who doesn’t love Christmas? With all the decorations, the presents, the celebrating and let’s not forget the feeling of Christmas. The joy it brings! Winter is amazing, although so cold. To some, it might be the best season because of all this. It is impossible not to become sensitive to the Christmas feeling and all it means.
Did anyone had weddings in winter? Less likely than in winter, but not impossible. Though it is cold and slippery because of the ice and snow, beautiful weddings can take place in winter too. The romantic image of falling snowflakes and a couple marrying is like in the movies. I have always associated Romantism with winter, probably because of this and because of the passion of love in the coolness of winter.

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Talking about winter weddings, what do you think about a wedding cake with a winter wonderland theme? Of course, the most common decorations are snowflakes. But this means hundreds of types and shapes of snowflakes on white and blue frostings. Delicious! Now it is possible to eat snowflakes, although they are made of sugar, and you don’t have to open your mouth in winter in the middle of the street and wait for snowflakes to land on your tongue!

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Confectioners tried several designs of winter wonderland wedding cakes and this is what came up. Just imagine how much skill you need to make these snowflakes. The details, the delicacy! At such a little scale and still no mistakes. That’s what a good confectioner means: imagination and skill in first place.

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Would you have your wedding in winter? Come on, it can’t be that bad! There are many restaurants and ballrooms that organize wedding ceremonies in winters too. And now you see it is possible to have an appropriate winter wonderland wedding cake too. So no worries. Just log on to the Internet and look for places and locations that offer the possibility to have a wedding ceremony in winter. You will surely find some, at least. Weddings don’t need to be organized only in summer or when the weather it is warm. Winter can offer intense emotions, because of all that winter wonderland is.

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So what? You will get a warmer wedding dress and elegant boots probably, but you can change at the wedding ceremony, why not? There are many solutions to deal with a wedding ceremony in winter if you decide to have it in the beautiful white season.

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You can ask the confectioner to put some other decorations on the wedding cake, not only snowflakes, I’m sure he or she will agree!11


Jenny got married. And she loved the experience of organizing it so much that she started to write about it.

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