Winter Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Decorations | December 03 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

All of you who are planning a gorgeous spectacular wedding in winter might want to see these splendid winter calla lily wedding bouquets pictured below on this page. We couldn’t find other types of flowers that can go with classy and extravagant winter time weddings than the charming calla lilies. These majestic types of flowers are perfect in their own nature because of their impressive height, of their firm long stems and their romantic lavish and outstanding blooms.


We are convinced that once you get the chance to see these photos you will simply fall in love with the idea of using calla lilies in your bridal bouquet. One of the most amazing things about calla lilies is that these superb flowers work great with almost any type of wedding and season. They look enchanting in the fall (especially if chosen in the seasonal brown and orange colors), in the hot summer season and in the spring. They can make the perfect flower choice for formal and dramatic weddings because their elegant stems can match superbly with the character of the wedding, as well as they can look stunningly well and attractive in casual intimate and simplistic weddings if used in small doses( three stems would be enough).

These stylish types of flowers can make any bride’s dream come true! But what are the best types of arrangements and colors that one can choose for her winter themed wedding bouquet? Well, the choices are varied and beautiful! When it comes to colors, it all depends on the exact theme you’re choosing for the event. For example, those of you who are organizing the wedding for a Christmas day, the perhaps the best shades would be red and white. Both these colors can be found in calla lilies, and when combined, the effect is absolutely spectacular and one of a kind!

If the wedding is not booked for one of the holiday days, you can opt for any other type of color from the following: cream, ivory, yellow, brown, burgundy, dark purple, violet, lavender, mauve, blush pink, plum, aubergine or dark red. For more whimsically romantic weddings perhaps the purple and the pink palette can offer more variants, while for classy pure and innocent traditional or modern weddings perhaps a white, an ivory or a cream winter calla lily wedding bouquet can truly make a sensational and enchanting choice.

Calla lilies look stunning when combined with roses, stephanotises, tulips, sweet peas, orchids, peonies, gladiolas, freesias or carnations. You can incorporate in the bouquet a few stems of sparkling wires, a few themed colored feathers, a few pearls, crystals, gemstones, diamonds, brooches, sequins, rhinestones or any other beaded symbol that can match the season.11