Willow Tree Wedding Cake Toppers

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Are you planning a thematic wedding? Maybe a Celtic theme wedding, an outdoor wedding, by a lake, in a park or many you just love nature and you want a nature theme inspired wedding. The wedding cake topper is an important element in all types of weddings and can make a statement of the theme of the wedding can reflect your personality.

If you want a non-traditional cake topper and you are having an outdoor wedding then choose a willow tree wedding cake topper. In many cultures trees have special meaning and symbolism, especially in Celtic culture. In Celtic culture trees have magic powers and healing powers.

Willow Tree Wedding Cake Toppers

Willow Tree Wedding Cake Topper from ny-image0.etsy.com

Willow tree has been associated with magic, healing, inner vision, dreams. This tree has been mentioned from ancient times in old texts from Assyria, Sumer and Egypt as a remedy for aches and fever. The willow tree in Korean poetry is symbolic of a women crying after her loved one. It is also the symbol of reflection. In Celtic culture willow wood was used for enhancement of psychic abilities, to increase the essence of love. Celts used the willow wood in evoke deeper connections to their intuitive nature.

The willow’s ability is to survive in the most challenging conditions. The willow tree teaches us to keep growing and reaching higher no matter where we are. The willow tree has a beautiful meaning and has been used as a symbol, as a totem in different cultures. Willow tree is a sign for people born between 3 and 12 September and 1 and 10 March in the Celtic horoscope. Maybe this is your sign and you want a willow tree wedding cake topper. The willow’s strength is in its easy access to their inner world. You can find willow tree wedding cake toppers on different websites. The artists can create any type of topper you want in any color you want, in any design.

Willow Tree Wedding Cake Toppers

Willow Tree Wedding Cake Topper from ny-image3.etsy.com

One useful website is wedding collectibles where you can find a large collection of wedding cake toppers, traditional wedding cake toppers, custom toppers, contemporary, unique, funny, novelty, ethnic, vintage, animal, floral, tree wedding cake toppers. On amazon website you will also find a large collection of willow tree wedding cake toppers, on eBay and many others. You can choose any style and size the toppers, the willow tree topper can be make from sugar, can have precious crystals, Swarovski crystals, from glass. You can add bride and groom topper under the willow tree topper. On byapryl website you will find the willow tree topper you want at any size, from any fabric, at any price you want from $ 52 to $ 150 depending on the materials they are made from.

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