Wide Band Wedding Rings

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This article is dedicated to all the modern brides who want to wear a wedding ring with a more imposing, elaborated and sophisticated design. We thought to present you these lovely images of wide band wedding rings that we think you might like to see. The myriad of styles that are present today on the market, in this complex wedding rings industry can make any bride confused and overwhelmed with making the final decision. How on earth is a bride going to make the right choice in the end of the search when there are so many modern and fashionable design available out there especially for them?

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We are not trying to get you even more confused than you already are by showing you these precious ring styles, but to offer you more variety or more specific types of rings that you can choose from according to the formality, the budget and the styles you fit in. A wide band wedding ring is usually chosen by bold brides who don’t want the plain standard diamond solitaire style and look. They want something more intricate, lavish, romantic and unique. Well, we honestly think that a wide band wedding ring can make a more appealing, one of a kind and inspiring choice for these types of brides.

Although these kind of rings are usually purchased by grooms in general, modern brides who want something more daring, perhaps masculine and exquisite can surely meet their dream among these fabulous designs that we posed in these pictures. The most popular types of wide band wedding rings that are designed especially for brides or women are the filigree styles. Although this charming design belongs to the antique style, one can also find gorgeous intricate filigree bands designed and cut or ornate with a modern flair.

Filigree means highly ornate, richly intricate, textured and elaborated. For brides who always dreamed of wearing a stunning vintage or Victorian wedding ring perhaps now it’s the right time to fulfill those desires by choosing a filigree wide band wedding ring. The design, the ornaments or the patterns can be beautified with diamonds transparent or colorless, or with vibrant semi-precious gemstones, depending on your preferences and on your budget.

On this page you can admire a special one of a kind wide band wedding ring set with fancy pink diamonds that we think you might like. Among the most popular gemstones or birthstones that are now incorporated in wedding rings and bands we mention: sapphires, rubies, garnets, topaz, emeralds, tanzanite, alexandrite, pearls, amethysts or peridots. We invite you to browse for more related articles and pictures of various gemstone, diamond or simple types of wedding rings and bands, engagement rings and wedding rings sets on our website.11

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