Why Are My Fingernails Flattening Out

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Fingernails are a part of your body that has their own protective role. They protect the ends of your fingers. Just like using a lot of beauty cosmetics for other parts of your body, skin, hair, face etc, fingernails may also be a part of your beauty procedure.

Fingernails are made out of a protein named Keratin. The matrix is the place the fingernail grows from. As the cells beneath the nail grow, they push the nail forward and this is how the long nails are done. Whether the nail does not grow normally, you ought to take some measures.

A healthy nail grows smooth and consistent in color, has a pinkish color that is given by the blood supply. Anything that does not look like this should raise a question sign. Whether you ask yourself why are my fingernails flattening out, you may find various cases of this. The cases they may be flattening out because are lack of vitamin B12, Raynaud’s disease.

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As a cure, in case of the vitamin B12 deficiency, you can take some vitamin supplements, only in the early stages of your fingernails. But, whether what you may be confronting yourself with, be the Raynaud’s diseases, this implies the affection of your circulatory system.

The disease name is given by the French doctor, Maurice Raynaud, which believed that the thing causing this disease is the result of vasospasms that cause the decrease of the blood supplies in that region of the body. There exists two stages that can be differentiated in the Raynaud’s, it exists the first stage, known as the Raynaud’s disease and the second stage, Raynaud’s symptom.  There are times when from the primary stage, one evolves to the secondary, but this happens when you cannot observe the alarming changes.

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It appears when the body is exposed to low temperatures, the oxygen supply becomes unusable and it has various episodes. It appears more in women than in men and it usually occurs between the ages of fifteen and forty.

The recommended treatment in case you suffer from a beginning stage of this disease, is to protect your fingernails from the cold, avoid emotional stress. This is what one can do at home. Nevertheless if seeing a doctor he may prescribe you some medicines, that will help your blood vessels dilate, as nifedipine, diltiazem or nitroglycerin. These are not recommended medicines to take without your doctor prescription. Whether you find yourself in a very bad situation, one will have to appeal at the nail surgery. But it is not highly recommended as it may work just for a little period of time.


Why are my fingernails flattening out is a question that it will be better put in due time than observing that it is too late for you to do anything. Anyhow, if you do not take the recommended measures in due time, you should know, that in order a fingernail to grow healthy from the beginning it takes up to at least six months time.

A diet that is rich in proteins, to which you add a plus of activity, will prevent your body and your fingernails from experiencing undesired problems. 11

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