White Feather Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Decorations | January 17 2011 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

For those of you who are planning a modern-vintage chic look for the big wedding perhaps these gorgeous pictures of white feather wedding bouquets posted below on this page can make a great source of inspiration. We are in love with feather themed weddings and we find them among the most romantic, coquette, delicate and romantic ones.


In general, this sublime and discreet accessory or decorative item is used by vintage brides who are planning a stunning old style wedding or an antique inspired reception. There is no better way to incorporate the feathers than in flower bouquets and arrangements. For this article we’ve chosen the white types of feathers hopefully you will agree with use that this color can better suit the classy type of bride or wedding. There are more and more brides or couples who decide to adopt this precious style for their own wedding, and when it comes to composing creative and attractive décor arrangements or bridal bouquets feathers are the most artistic ones. They can add more glamour, sophistication, elegance, refinement and subtlety to any flower bouquet and more romanticism to the bride’s look.

The flower blooms can feature any color because the white hue goes with almost anything! Make sure that you do match the flower’s nuances and the feathers with the theme or color scheme you’re planning for the wedding. Feathers can make the perfect motif for cabaret themed weddings and we are convinced that all of you who are planning such a distinctive type of wedding will find more creative ideas out there on how to use the white feathers right in order to obtain a magical reception décor. We invite you to browse for more pictures or articles on feathered wedding flower arrangements and bouquets on our website. You will be able to find lots of ideas, suggestions and relevant examples of wedding bouquets adorned with feathers.

We are going to offer you a few examples of flowers that can be seen more frequent incorporated in white feather wedding bouquets: roses, calla lilies, carnations, dahlias, orchids, anemones, ranunculuses, gerbera daises, asters, chrysanthemums, peonies or gladiolas. Perhaps for spring time weddings feathers may not make the bets type of thematic accessory or decorative item. But for autumn weddings the feathers can work absolutely excellent! We think that any bride who wants to look ultra elegant, refined, delicate and innocently chic on the day will choose in the end to use white feathers for a more versatile theme. You can always combine the white feathers with black feathers or other colors in order to obtain a more dramatic, imposing, bold and contrasting effect.

Peacock feathers are the most popular ones used in general in weddings, followed by ostrich feathers. They can be real or fake, simple or dyed, according to your own preferences and wedding flower budget. In order to obtain a more glamorous, brilliant and voguish look we suggest you to incorporate a few beads, pearls, sparkling wires, monograms or brooches in your splendid white feather wedding bouquet!11

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