White And Blue Wedding Gowns

Wedding Dresses | January 17 2010 | by Jenny | 4 Comments

The upcoming celebration of your wedding day draws your attention even from the beginning of your planning days to the presence of colors in the atmosphere of your festive moments. The wedding is planned to be held on the romantic place of a beach with your guests facing the immensity blue color of the sea and the clear blue of a summertime sky. The seats that will be placed on the beach will have also some blue-colored ribbons and white peonies as colorful decoration. An improvised dome will host the presence of the priest and your groom while they wait for your arrival. This dome will also be decorated with choices of pink, blue and white flowers.
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And envisioning the way your wedding celebration will be performed you have to envision also your bridal appearance and since the decision on the blue color is dominant in the setting of your wedding, then the only option left for you is to go for a white and blue wedding gown to dress your look in the day of your wedding. You consider having an overall white colored wedding gown with some insertions of blue-colored fabrics, but you are not sure of what kind of blue you might find in the collection of colored wedding gowns displayed online. The stores in your city that sell wedding attires for both bride and groom present only choices of white wedding gowns or combination of white with light cream, or simple ivory cream wedding dresses.

Therefore the only place to look for this special attire is of course the internet sites. In these web pages you are presented plenty of alternatives to the white wedding gown, some come in unique color, such as red, royal blue, yellow or burgundy, others come with combinations of colors, most of them proving to be more appropriate for the medieval themed weddings. Their heavy fabrics and the rich presentation of the skirts make them more adequate to a theme that belongs to either fairy tales or medieval times, but not at all ready to be dressed in a hot summer day when the sun will warm up your already heated heart.

The idea to have a white wedding gown, the one to be properly used in a beach celebrated wedding, comes to your mind, figuring that it may be a solution to have it altered by the workshop where the professional tailor has made so beautiful pieces of garments for you and your mom. Now you think of having the white wedding dress altered with some insertions of blue tulle or maybe some blue embroidered lace to decorate the white fabric of your dress and to match the overall blue that governs the atmosphere of your beach themed wedding.

But to have a pretty good picture of the style of white and blue wedding gowns for your festive day, you need to get more sources of inspiration and from there to make a sketch of your gown design. Afterwards you need to find out about the sort of blue fabrics that can be inserted in the white fabric of your dress and together with your tailor to establish which one works the best.

Even if this might take a while, you still need to have it done, considering that in this way you will definitely have a unique bridal image in the shade of blue that you like the best.11


  1. Charissa

    August 13, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    Where can I find the designers for the blue and white gowns? Especially the top one.


  2. cor

    December 28, 2010 at 10:48 am

    where are the 3 bridesmaid dresses from at the bottom of the post?


  3. laura

    December 30, 2010 at 2:37 am

    were can i find the dress on page 2 the black and grey tea leangh and short sleves


  4. Tanesha

    August 04, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    Do you by any chance have the second dress with the same design just with a lighter blue like baby blue or powder blue instead of that color blue?


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