Where Do Parents Sit At A Wedding Reception

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When it comes to arranging the tables for the wedding, the couple must make the right arrangements regarding the parents and the godfathers. They are the most important invitees of the event. The other attendants must also be seated correctly, so that they can enjoy the wedding. But it’s essential to find the best places for the parents. So, we know that many of you are wondering where the parents are supposed to sit at the reception. This is a very good question but not very frequently asked on forums. People seem to know the etiquette from other weddings they’ve been to.

But those who are less informed in this subject will surely like to find out more about this formality. It’s customary for the parents of the couple to sit at the head table. At least this is what the traditional etiquette says. There are parents who have asked expressly to sit at the table of the couple. The head table usually contains the bride and groom, the godfathers and the parents of the couple. In some cases, at this table the couple can also arrange for the wedding party to sit. Those who are planning a bigger head table of ten or even twelve people should definitely include the parents in.

Where Do Parent Sit At A Wedding Reception

Where Do Parent Sit At A Wedding Reception (Photo by: Kenny Louie)

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Other people are wondering if there are other tables designated especially for the parents of the bride and groom. It’s true that this formality is not always respected, so the newlyweds can sit their parents anywhere they want to be at the reception. There are special tables for the parents of the couple, but there are also cases when the parents want to sit in the room, close to their honored friends and relatives. The parents of the couple should be free to decide where they want to spend their evening and where they want to be seated during the party. This is a formality that also depends on the culture. There are regions where the couple’s parents are only to be seated next to the couple, at the head table.

So, before making this decision, make sure you check with the tradition in your culture and family. Those who want a more modern reception can plan special tables for the parents. You can use different colors for the table cloths and chairs and different floral arrangements. Create a unique table for both sets of parents so that they can sit together. Or, if they want more privacy, it would be nice to make two separate tables, so that each set of parents to invite whomever they want at their table. This is a thing that concerns the etiquette in your family and nothing more!


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