When Are Wedding Invitations Mailed Out

Wedding Invitations | August 25 2009 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

My friend’s wedding date is already fixed; she and her fiancé are now discussing when is the best time to send out the invitations to their guests. They have made the list of their invitees, they have already conceived the style of their wedding invitations, the latter ones taking them a lot of trouble to create. They have settled their wedding date for the end of August and have chosen as theme the joyful and warmth color of a brilliant gold sun. The design of their invitations looks real nice, they deliver indeed a tone of happiness and warmth in the message sent within the limits of a beautifully arranged wording and framing.

The invitees list comprises more than 80 persons and they need to be sure that everybody get the wedding invitations on time as the guests are supposed to deliver back the RSVPs to the senders. Now with everything to be planned for the upcoming event, it seems that there isn’t enough time. My friend is already panicked at the thought that they have so many other things to do that they wouldn’t have time to settle all the details on time. She has invited me over to help them with the planning, and meanwhile I assure her that there is still plenty of time for everything; it is merely the end of May, so she shouldn’t worry that much since there are almost three months left till the wedding event.

She answers back that they need to hire the place at the restaurant with at least 2 months in advance, not to mention that the summer period is always a busy period for a lot of social events and she has to know for sure that the place wouldn’t be taken by others exactly at their wedding date. She tells me that sometimes she feels so confused and now is even worse since she is at a loss not knowing when are wedding invitations mailed out. To make her feel more at her ease I advise her to add a note of RSVP with an immediate delivery upon receiving the invitation by the guests. In this case she will find out in time how many persons will attend to the wedding ceremony and reception and will be able to make the table reservations and think about the menu.

My friend is mostly that kind of do-it-yourself person with a peaceful mind to arrange the things, but now with her wedding coming it is understandable to be excited, especially that her fiancé completes her willingness with his perfectionist way of doing the things. And now they are both engaged in this task of wedding planning with the ambitious goal of getting a self-organized, successful wedding. After all, it is their wedding and wouldn’t like to have a strange person to interfere with plans that belong to the event that is meant to cast them into a new life; a life that they want to have a starting point set by themselves and by their own free will.

Finally the end of our discussions settled for a decision to mail out the wedding invitations 2 months in advance; meanwhile they can make the reservations at the restaurant and even if the guests from the list won’t be all present, they will still be sure of having the desired location hired for their wedding date.11

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