Wheat Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Decorations | November 26 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

For off the beat brides who are planning a noncomformist look for the big day might be interested to see these fabulous wheat wedding bouquets pictured on this page. We think that going unconventional, funky and original on the day is not a bad idea at all. The contrary! We think that it’s imperious and essential for a bride to look unique and special on the wedding day, no matter how whimsy, weird or unusual she may decide to dress!


In the end, it’s all about the bride’s personal decision and state of spirit and she is the only one who can say what’s wrong or what’s right for her. And since the wedding day is only happening once in her lifetime, we are convinced that she is ready and willing to go over the top and break all the traditions just to obtain that unique and distinctive look that we all dream of for our wedding. The wedding dress is not the only item that one has to wear in order to make a statement on the day and differentiate her look from the rest of the contemporary bride.

Besides the dress, the wedding bouquet is the next accessory that stands in line of making the bride feel and look complete on that day. No bridal look is complete without the bouquet, no matter what the bride decides to use in it: real flowers or any other decorative items she has in mind. In this article we are going to talk about wheat wedding bouquets and show you a few samples or relevant images that can help you get an overall image on what this type of bouquet means or looks like.

Using ear of wheat in a bridal bouquet may not make the priority in many brides life when it comes to planning the bouquet and the rest of the flower arrangements. And this is because this type of bouquet is only chosen by those who are planning a specific wedding, with a specific one of a kind theme. For example, if the big event is going to take place somewhere in a barn, in a farm, on an open field or anywhere else in nature in the country-side, then the bride definitely has to consider wearing a wedding bouquet composed of wheat or only adorned with this lovely decorative item.

Brides who are going on a western themed wedding can also take into account this type of “accessory” for beautifying their bouquet and make it look more themed, original and artistic. Bold brides who are not afraid of breaking the rules, the patterns and the traditions will surely find the idea of going with a fully wheat wedding bouquet marvelous! On the other hand, brides who still want to use flowers in their bouquet might only use the ear of wheat to accessorize the whole arrangement.11