What Is The Going Rate for a Cash Wedding Gift

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If you were thinking that settling for a cash wedding gift instead of a specific present will save you from a lot of worries and stress, things are not that simple.

Once you do that, you have another problem to solve – how much should you give? Maybe you are not sitting on piles of money and you also do not want to feel embarrassed because of not offering enough. Therefore, which would be the going rate for a cash wedding gift?

What Is the Going Rate for a Cash Wedding Gift

Going Rate for a Cash Wedding Gift from luxbridal.com

Things to consider
Obviously, there is a certain etiquette to be followed in such conditions. Your relationship with the bride or the groom or the couple itself matters. The closer you are, the more you should pay. For a distant friend or relative, 50 dollars is a sum that all consider acceptable. However, a more intimate friend and third or fourth degree relatives are expected to offer at least 100 dollars. As for brothers and sisters, parents, aunts and uncles, the average sum would be of about 200 dollars.

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Another thing that counts is whether you go alone, you bring a date or you are married with children and all your family will attend. A couple could only give 200 dollars while for a family, 250 dollars are a minimum sum. If you do not want to go after such rules, there are some other ways to make up your mind. Imagine that you would have bought them a certain present. How much would you have spent on it? Many people find it natural to only give the equivalent in cash of a traditional wedding gift. Nevertheless, if you were thinking for a rather cheap kitchen appliance, you might want to double its costs and have it as a cash gift.

What Is The Going Rate for a Cash Wedding Gift

Going Rate for a Cash Wedding Gift from s2.thisnext.com

The biggest myth
The biggest myth, which always comes into discussion when talking about cash wedding gifts, is that some find it necessary to pay exactly for the cost of their dinner. Considering that a wedding ceremony can cost a fortune, some guests feel a little responsible and in this way the gift they are offering is less a pleasure and more an obligation. This is the biggest mistake. The bride and the groom are free to choose whatever menu they want or afford, and you have no commitment on this chapter. If you can afford, you are obviously free to make them a more generous gift, like paying for their honeymoon, but only because you want it.11

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