Western Themed Wedding Cake Toppers

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Do you like old Western movies, like Fool’s Gold, The Man from Utah, Journey to a hanging, The train robbers and many other? If you don’t want a traditional classic wedding, if you dream to have a Western theme wedding than every detail from your wedding should reflect this theme starting with your wedding invitations until the wedding cake toppers. The wedding cake will grab all the attention and every detail is important, the wedding cake topper being the most important element on your wedding cake topper. The wedding cake topper is the most treasured memory and many brides keep their wedding cake topper as a treasure all their life reminding them of the most happy day of their life.

The wedding cake toppers can be made from different materials, if you want your wedding cake topper to last forever choose a porcelain topper, a bride and groom with Western hats and boots, from ceramic, from acrylic, from plastic,from bronze, from crystal or you can choose a sugar or fondant wedding cake topper. If you want something that will last forever choose a bronze or silver figurines cake toppers. If you want something more elegant and delicate you can choose crystal wedding cake toppers in the Western style, just two cowboys hats, or cowboys boots, two crystal horses, crystal bride and groom topper, or any other design you want.

The Western theme gives you a lot of options you have a lot of ideas to choose from. You can choose cowboys, wild horses, cows, ranch, lasso, cowboy boots, guns toppers. The Western movies were very popular and made this style well known.

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You can choose bride and groom on horses cake topper, bride and groom with cowboys hats, a bride with a lasso dragging the groom topper. The wedding cakes can be classical if you are having a traditional wedding in the Western style, a bride and a groom with cowboy hats can be a perfect topper. Your wedding cake topper can be funny like a bride on horse chasing the groom topper, or a bride with lasso cake topper. There are many Western wedding cake toppers to choose from. The wedding cake toppers can be customized, you can choose the design, the style, the colors, the size, the decorations.

A beautiful topper for this theme is the Two Trails Become One Road Cake Topper. You can buy it from western brides website, presenting a cowboy and a cowgirl on two horses, hand in hand, a romantic topper, 8 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide, and 5 inches long. Other websites from where you can order your Western wedding cake toppers: eBay, amazon, etsy, the find and many others.

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On wedding collectibles you will find many Western wedding cake toppers including the funny Western Lasso Interchangeable Cake Toppers for $ 43.11

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