Wedding Songs For Parents Entrance

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Once you start planning the biggest event of your life you have to admit that parents bring an important contribution and their presence is most of the times required since they are the ones to have experience in an area that you have to deal with for the first time in your life: the wedding celebration. Whenever you need a helping hand or a piece of advice be sure that you can get all these from the only persons in this whole wide world that care the most for you: the parents. And for the fact that they are always there to support you, you might consider the option of rewarding them in a unique manner by selecting special gifts to show your appreciation and respect during the unfolding of your celebration. If you’d like to know more about planning this special moment, we’ve put together a complete wedding planning course!

In the organization of your wedding the music element plays an important role; it is the one which prepares different backgrounds on which relevant moments are displayed, moments that are part of the wedding celebration. In this respect we find music to fill the atmosphere while waiting for the bride to walk the aisle, music to be heard at the bride’s entrance, tunes to set the tone for the vows and rings exchanging, songs for unity candles, all this music being the entertainment component for the wedding ceremony, in case there is one. With this ceremony the first part of a wedding is over; this is when the bride and groom are pronounced husband and wife and the next part of the wedding can begin with the couple being already married, hosting the party called the wedding reception.

If the first part had as main characters the bride and the groom, now is the time for other characters to step in. It is the moment when the couples can choose to show their appreciation towards their beloved parents. The wedding reception consists of a displaying of several scenes that are staged to introduce the bridal party (bridesmaids entrance in the reception hall), the parents (both bride and groom’s parents entrance) and finally the husband and wife (married couple’s entrance) to the invitees that are waiting in the reception hall.

Music for the reception could be ensured by hiring a DJ or a band of musicians to play specific songs especially for the relevant moments of the reception. The parents entrance can be staged having as background the song which the couple can select to be a surprise and at the same time a symbol of respect toward their parents. In this regard some wedding songs for parents entrance suggestions might comprise songs to belong to the years of parents’ youth or the ones they prefer among other hits – such as the songs from the popular “oldies but goldies”, for instance : “Love’s theme” by Barry White, “Just the way you are” performed by Billy Joel, “Much more than this” – Chris de Burgh, “Your warm and tender heart” – by Chris Rea, “Thank you for loving me” – by Jon Bon Jovi and so many others.

If your wedding reception is organized in the way that you musically mark every moment of its unfolding, then wedding songs for parents entrance are the best homage one can bring to the parents in order to emphasize their importance in the wedding’s meaning.11

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