Wedding Songs for a 2nd Marriage

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The wedding day is unique in all its moments, starting of course with the bridal experience and posture of a woman now. But even though we go with the premise of this to be the only time in life surprises appear and people still trust and look for their love. And it happens for the second time now to get married.

Honestly being even the brides that are for the second time in this posture have another attitude towards the event so that everyone sees this different that for brides at their first time in front of the altar. But if things are a little bit changed this means that you need even wedding songs for a 2nd marriage?

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The music at a wedding has to be in its large meaning the main part for the entertainment. Indeed, for certain moments there are specific or special categories of songs types like at the grooms’ first dance a waltz or a slow love song. But on regards of some wedding songs for a 2nd marriage there is are no popular ones strictly to be dedicated to second time being brides. Like in case of a first time wedding for a second one some of the songs, part of the music play list, are selected due to the fact that they come as a love expression, revealing in lyrics part of the grooms’ mood and inside happiness.

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You still believe in love and its power since you get here again so that choose something in this way, with no correlation to the fact that you have a “past” about getting married. And if you insist about accentuating the fact that now you have really found what you were looking for, your soul mate, in fact revealing your “posture” certain songs are representative: Roy Orbison- “Anything you want”, Rod Stewart- “Someone to watch over me” or “Reason to believe”.11


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