Wedding Songs Ballads

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Ballads are forms of narrative verses that are set to music, which during the medieval periods were main component parts of British and Irish popular poetry and songs. Back then these forms were used by composers to release lyrical ballads that later took the shape of slow popular love songs. They were a way of expressing sentiments of longing, of love, nostalgia resulting sentimental tunes that were embraced step by step by different musicians, be they jazzmen, rock’n’rollers, or pop singers.

The music element of a wedding planning is as important as any other element that is meant to ‘decorate’ the ambient of the unfolding event and as such, it has its relevance when wedding couples are choosing the songs for their wedding. Generally weddings are composed of two big separate moments: the ceremony – when the young couple is exchanging the vows and rings for becoming husband and wife and the reception – when the young couple is celebrating the new beginning as a married couple.

These moments in their turn have their specific aspects which can be emotionally emphasized by the presence of music. Expressing one’s feelings through the help of music is a way that allows many couples to use this element as they feel the best to represent their inner emotions related to the act of marriage. Normally the music has to be the ingredient of a successful wedding recipe; it is the one to set the tone for the relevant moments that take part in a wedding displaying and at the same time it is the one to be played as a flow of feelings and reflections of sentiments to complete the symphony of notes incorporated in a wedding.

Factors that can influence the choice of music are strictly connected to the theme of the wedding, to the locations (church and reception hall), and last but not last to the important moments that are part of a wedding process. For instance, wedding songs ballads played during the ceremony of a wedding can be a better alternative to the traditional ceremonial music that churches play while the religious service is performed. Thus the interlude music, the processional music, the recessional music, the unity candle songs can be replaced by ballads which, with their soft tunes and relevant lyrics, can emotionally reflect these aspects of the wedding ceremony in a way that can bring tears in the eyes of the audience.

As to the wedding reception, the music that has to emphasize the most relevant moments to include songs for the introduction moment, for father and daughter dance, for mother and son dance, for the first dance, for the cake cutting moment can also be successfully replaced by the wedding songs ballads. And to ensure that the tone of the reception is not too soft and too loaded with emotions, considering that receptions are actually the parties that joyfully entertain the invitees, wedding couples can choose to combine ballads with songs that can lively offer an atmosphere of high spirits and entertainment. We do not have to forget that a wedding is after all the moment to set the tone for a new start in the life of two persons that from that time on are considered husband and wife.11

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