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As first thought related to the grooms’ task of the wedding music is that only the songs need to pass through a selective stage.

It is indeed part of the mission but not the all of it. It must be counted the genre, the lyrics and the suitability for the occasion and for the exact time, of what is happening. All together, a difficult task, a complicated and complex at the same time procedure.

wedding songs and words Wedding Songs and Words

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The wedding songs and words come as a strong connection one to the other. It is not enough to see a song with a title related to a wedding, but it must be listened carefully. Surprisingly or not some may be a mockery of this. The interpretation? That you make fun of the whole event in meaning. Some may take it as a real funny time and appreciate the joke, but if the grooms had no intention in this way it will all come as a cold shower. Apart form the possibility to select songs which in their lyrics express something else than expected the wedding songs and words create a possible problem from another perspective too. It is the time, the exact moment of the event the song must come suitable to be plaid. For example, a party song cannot be plaid at the church, during the religious ceremony. Also at the entrance to the wedding party cannot be plaid the song for the bridal appearance but at the church time, “Here comes the bride” for instance.

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Wedding Songs and Words from

As a conclusion, each song has to be analyzed from much more perspectives than thought at the beginning. Not only the style, the rhythm, but the words and what is intended to be expressed. At least even if you want to have some funny wedding songs too to have them plaid at the right time and not make confusion just judging the title.


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