Wedding Song for Grandfather and Granddaughter

Wedding Party | June 08 2011 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Parents see their daughter’s or son’s wedding a level of maturity achieved. To get married is the first step to have a family so parents see themselves at their time in this posture. It is emotional and spiritually thinking the separation from parents to go on their own is the time to realize how they have grown up so fast. It is a crying time but the happiness as reason.


But how about the grandparents? Don’t they deserve the same attention, respect and love? In many cases they were the ones to raise the bride and/or groom while parents had to work. So the relation with them is the same strong and deep as with parents.

At the wedding, as how tradition requires, it comes the time for the grooms to dance with parents. It is said that this is their last dace, a sort of goodbye for going on their own from now on, having another life guide. But thinking better to dance with grandparents too will be the way to show them both parts the love, the gratitude for over the years care. Is there a specific wedding song for grandfather and granddaughter for example?


In a way, the same songs grooms choose for dancing time with parents can be the option for dancing time with grandparents. After all it is the same thematic of the songs, the same emotions parents and grandparents feel when seeing the just some time ago little girl or boy now a grown up, on the verge or already having his or her family.

If not finding suitable the case above then the wedding song for grandfather and granddaughter or grandmother and groom can be just a love song, but in consent a message transmitted with the persons involved so not a couple’s love song.11

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