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The engagement is a very nice step which the couple can do before the wedding. Unfortunately more and more couples skip this little party, even the traditional wedding proposal. It is true that these events are common, but the way how they carry should be unique for each couple. Do not hesitate to have as many beautiful moments in your relationship.

The wedding shower is perhaps more beautiful than a wedding party in the sentimental plan, being intimate and announcing relatives, family and friends that are close to you and invite them to spend these moments together. We present you some wedding shower ideas in order to help you decide what you want.

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The location which holds the wedding shower party is different, being more intimate, romantic, without fast, but full of sincerity. Here people are not coming from politeness or liability, nor laugh or have boring polite discussion for argument’s sake, do not hesitate to dance and do not fuss on the menu. Because they are true friends among which are probably future godparents, bridesmaids or groomsmen. This party may take place even in an apartment or a yard. Because there are not many guests, this party is easy to organize. We offer some romantic wedding shower ideas for this unforgettable event. You can create a pleasant atmosphere using decorative stones in warm colors, bordered by white stones, with floral ornaments based mainly on green, low in flowers, but effective. Stones can be in Zen style or beads, imitation pearls, crystals or stones, the choice being made depending on the season and where you choose to develop your party. For example, in summer you can combine pearls with large clams, white and red roses, ornamental leaves in exotic style, for example high, with long, thin leaves.

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You can also use those decorative plants obtained by using special sprays, silver, gold, white, yellow or red (dark red). You can enjoy getting a wide gamut, and yet the same warm tones (or cold but cool colors do not express the romance). As flowers it is best to use some of large roses. Candles are essential, as well as lights veils. For vases, chairs, tables, you can use wrought iron decor, modern and very beautiful. Do not forget to use scented candles, their flavor will have to be a stunning one, able to mesmerize the guests.


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