Wedding Shower Cakes

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The bridal shower party is a great occasion to bring a delicious, creative, playful and fashionable wedding shower cake and a great opportunity for the bride to express her own individuality and personal style, taste and vision. It’s true that any special occasion in our lives requires a yummy cake that can define best the moment, but a bridal shower party has to host a truly unique, tremendous, appetizing, showy, romantic and funny wedding shower cake.

There are no more codes, labels and etiquettes that can guide the bride towards some sort of tradition or custom in matters of her wedding shower cake, because they were all broken by the new trends. Therefore no one is restricting you from freeing your imagination and following your inner sense of creativity to picture and design your own wedding shower cake just the way you want.

Remember that it’s your last night out with the girls so you’d better take advantage of this fact and have a great time. Choose a cheerful wedding shower cake rather than a formal, sober and dramatic one. Be creative and think of a certain theme or hobby that you prefer and have the wedding shower cake made in that way.

There are no rules and regulations that say what should a wedding shower cake look like, or what is the most appropriate size that you can pick. Not only the wedding cake can be tall, handsome and grandiose, but the wedding shower cake too. It all depends on your personal style, on your budget and on the number of your guests.

You can have a multi-tiered wedding shower cake or a single tier one. In general, wedding shower cakes and groom’s wedding cakes are rather small and creative than big and plain. Many modern brides seem to fancy the idea of having a dress or a corset wedding shower cake, perfect for a girl’s night out.

Have fun and picture anything you want. These intricate, creative and artistic designs are usually made form fondant and decorated with gum pastes for a more sleek, refined, sleek and smoother look. In general, wedding shower cakes are beautifully adorned and embellished with all kinds of jewels, such as fake or real diamonds, crystals, pearls or beadings, rhinestones or gems, sequins, feathers, ribbons and bows, just to make them look even more elegant, feminine, sexy, glamorous, fashionable and delicate.

Choose a Tiffany jewelry box wedding shower cake in blue, pink or white, and have it beautified with Tiffany jewels for a more extravagant, sophisticated and brilliant party. Choose a cupcake wedding shower cake for a more playful, funny and festive party. Have the cupcakes created, filled, colored and decorated in various shapes and designs, with different flavors and accessories.11

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