Wedding Ring Trios

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Wedding ring trios represent those sets that contain an engagement ring and two wedding bands, one created for a man and the other one, for a lady. Rings designed for the lady can be easily recognized, because they are the ones featuring diamonds or other precious stones. At the same time, the engagement ring can be clearly distinguished from the wedding band designed for the lady, because it usually features a precious stone in the middle of the ring.

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When it comes to a lady wedding band, this could have a diamond/ruby/sapphire/emerald in the middle as well, but in most cases, the band presents more stones. This happens because jewelry manufacturers want to clarify which of those rings is the wedding band and which is the engagement ring.

Wedding Ring Trios

Wedding Ring Trios (Photo by: Mark Somma)

Wedding ring trios are the perfect match to symbolize love, marriage and commitment. Because they are designed to fit certain sizes, it is wise to contact the jewelry manufacturer before ordering them. If we are talking about very expensive rings, it would not hurt to go to a store where products that you have previously seen online can be tried on. Do not order products from the Internet before being 100% certain that you are indeed able to use those products. A dress or blouse can be easily modified, if the size does not fit you properly, but a wedding ring is much more difficult to modify. And when it comes to wedding ring trios, you have 3 chances of not receiving the ring sizes that you want, so why take these risks when you can simply go to a store that sells the products that you want to order and try those rings on.

If you manage to find the right size at that store where you can check the rings on which you have laid your eyes, you should not hesitate and buy them. Nevertheless, if the size that you want is not available, you can make the order online or directly in that store.


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