Wedding Ring Set With Connector For Two Rings

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Although <strong><em>wedding rings</em></strong> can be worn on their own after marriage,  in reality most women wear their engagement rings and wedding bands <strong><em>together</em></strong>.Holding the engagement ring and the wedding ring together? Are you getting married in a short time? Do you love your engagement ring so much that you want to wear it until the moment, during the ceremony, you add the wedding band?
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When buying these unique rings you should consider whether you want to  purchase them<strong> together or separately</strong>. If you decide to get everything  together you may be able to save money on the entire purchase as opposed  to what it would cost to buy the three rings <strong>separately</strong>. In case you are thinking of soldering them together, there are a few things you should know first:
<p><br /> Soldering the rings together will create a permanent change to the ring which you will not be able to undo. <br /> There is no temporary clasp to hold the ring &amp; band.<br /> Fine Diamond Engagement Rings with their Matching Wedding ring are always sold after they have been re-sized exactly to the right finger size.If the ring &amp; band are re-sized correctly and precisely, both should stay together on the finger and there will be no need for soldering.This way you can always remove or add any of them easily.

If the ring and band have not been re-sized yet according to the finger size, the best solution is to do so prior your journey.Also, if the engagement ring and the wedding ring are not “together” then they rub against each other and eventually their edges can become sharp, and it sort of damages both rings.In case you have wedding rings decorated by precious stones, any jeweler would recommend you to have your rings soldered together.He would say:&lt;&lt; the constant movement of the two rings against each other would cause the stones to loosen.

In case you don’t want to hold the engagement ring and the wedding ring together by soldering them to one another, there are other options to consider.
For example, a snug fit would help. If the rings don’t fit snugly, there are some cheap bands you can buy at wall-mart and which go under the ring to make it fit more snugly and this will keep them in place so they can’t move around and come apart. Also,consider the possibility of using <strong> a ring guard</strong>, if you want to consistently wear your rings as one unit.

<p>A ring guard, also known as an insert ring, is one ring with a band that splits into two halves. Then, use a <strong>wedding ring set with connector for two rings</strong>. A band-style or spring-style<strong> ring adjuster </strong>slips inside an existing ring to narrow the ring diameter. A small, clip-on adjuster attaches to the bottom of a ring to add bulk and take up extra space. You can also use a <strong>clip-on adjuster</strong> to fasten the bottoms of<strong> two ring bands </strong>together.<br /> Keep in mind, you’ll have more flexibility if you keep them separate.

For instance, you can wear just your bands when you want to be casual and include your engagement ring for dressier occasions. Once you solder them, there’s no separating them without potential damage.11

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