Wedding Reception Tropical Centerpiece Ideas

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A tropical theme wedding can take place in an indoor location or an outdoor one. Wherever you decide to have it, you need to make sure that the décor is an authentic reflection of this concept. You can use lots of tropical elements to make your venue come to life and send out a tropical vibe to the guests. Start by using tropical flowers if you are fond of flower centerpieces. Orchids are just one example but you can use other exotic flowers as well. Candle shaped as fish or seashells can also be put together in many ways. You can use them in large bowls or next to some containers filled with pearls. You can even create these tropical inspired candles yourself.

This is an affordable centerpieces look and you can have fun with it. Actual seashells can be added in fish bowls along with sand, or you can find bigger shell sizes and add it in the middle of the table on top of a mirror. Then scatter tiny shells next to the big one or some glitter. A fun way to make the centerpieces pop would be to color the water in which you add various elements. The water can be a light blue color and you can add votive candles in the bowl to create a floating candle effect. For a more fun centerpiece décor you can use beach toys. Add shovels and some colored sunglasses on the tables or place them in a colored bucket. Adding a small wooden box on the tables can pass as a mysterious treasure chest.

Wedding Reception Tropical Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding Reception Tropical Centerpiece Ideas (Photo by: seweccentric)

You can even leave it open and add faux jewelry and gemstones in it. Buy some sapphire, diamonds, gold necklaces and pearls and place them all in the treasure chest. Tropical fruits are quite affordable and you can use bananas and mangoes to create all kinds of fruit sculptures or you can simply dip some slices in chocolate. Flowers can also be combined with pineapples or coconuts. You can use coconuts to create a fun cocktail decor by adding colored straws and umbrellas in them. There are unlimited choices and combinations. Find the best elements to use for this concept and give your table decor this tropical allure.


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