Wedding Reception Topiary Centerpieces

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Spending a lot of money is something that doesn’t sound appealing to most couples. So most of them search for diy methods and techniques to make their centerpieces one of a kind. This is not easy but if you and your fiancée work as a team, you can achieve something great for this table look of yours. Topiary centerpieces stand out due to their height and complexity. They might seem like very elaborate and sophisticated pieces, but anyone can achieve such a look with just a little bit of practice. A simple way to achieve this look is by copying a topiary style you like. These arrangements can be done with real or artificial flowers.

Twigs and greenery can also be added for this look. If you do decide to use flowers, make sure that the colors match your color pallet. For a fall theme, you can add orange flowers and yellow ones while for a summer one white, pink and even a light purple shade can be used. You will need to arrange the flowers first and think of the color combinations you want to use. Foam will also be needed so that you place the actual flowers in the foam. This will secure the arrangements.

Wedding Reception Topiary Centerpieces

Wedding Reception Topiary Centerpieces (Photo by: Mitchells Flowers)

Once you’ve secured the flowers, you can add other ornaments on these bouquets. You can add beads or pearls on the flower or you can sprinkle them with colored glitter if the flowers are silk ones. Use your imagination to come up with a unique way to make these arrangements stand out. If you want to use just twigs for this look, you can use small crystals to hang them on the twigs. You can also make some flowers out of paper and be really inspired with such an arrangement. You can search for more ides online and looking at  pictures might help. You and your fiancée should divide tasks and help out one another. It’s not going to be easy and it will take some time, depending on how many arrangements you plan on using, but the satisfaction at the end will be worth it.


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