Wedding Reception Table Decorations

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Symbolically, the wedding is a rite of initiation. And, like any Christian ritual, the candles have a fundamental role: to bring light into the newly formed couple’s life. Combining utility with aesthetics, however, represents a basic principle in such a ceremony. Wedding reception table decorations definitely make the difference.

Here are our suggestions:
1. Decorative candles will adorn aesthetically the guests’ tables. Try to integrate your wedding theme or simply a personal preference (even a cuisine one, like chocolate) in the design of wedding candles and personalize your own decor. They have a very festive air for a stylish ensemble.

Wedding Reception Table Decorations

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2. The flowers will naturally be part of the nuptial ceremony. Try decorating the space allocated to each guest at the table with a sample of the flower bouquet you choose (rose path, chrysanthemums, violets, gladioli). Even a plastic miniature cake is an original method to express your personality.

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Wedding Reception Table Decorations

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3. Often, we feel an affinity for our day of birth or season. The more appreciated will be your wedding season. Fall and winter are particularly tendering as wedding reception table decorations: landscapes are unique, symbols, aesthetics, and autumnal leaves, snow flakes for a romantic or playful attitude or decorated trees, snowmen for a childish one. Customize the holders with the guests’ names or decorative candles with symbols of those seasons. Decorate the champagne’s corks with fluffy snowflakes! Nothing prevents you from being creative for a wedding with style.

4. Some simple white candles, placed on a bamboo tray, along with some tropical flowers and foliage can turn everything into intimate wedding reception table decorations with Caribbean touch. A touch of tropical influences will be highly appreciated by your guests.

Wedding Reception Table Decorations

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5. Practical, but also cheerful glass charms help you identify each guest, also being a reminder of this occasion. Bride and groom’s initials can be added along with strung beads. Match their color with the glasses or flowers on the table.11

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