Wedding Reception Table Decoration Ideas

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You want your wedding to look like you, to represent you and your guests to remember the details even after years. Well, wedding reception table decoration ideas are the main point and it should not be neglected. Everybody wants to offer wedding guests a very strong impression. A very large impact has table arrangements ideas. In general, there is not a unique style. There are several trends in terms of colors and especially the tendency to simplify the arrangements. The success lies in using simple ideas to personalize your party.

 Wedding Reception Table Decoration Ideas (Source:

Wedding Reception Table Decoration Ideas (Source:

Replace flowers. Traditionally, in the center of the table will be a vase or a flower arrangement. But this is not the only solution. You can choose to use unusual objects; you can go to an antique store and buy one different piece for each table, decorated with fruits, ribbons, cloths or anything else you can think of. Originality and creativity dictate the rules.

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Dressed vases. As if it was not enough that you must decide on the types of flowers you arrange on the table, now the trend is to dress the vase in which they will be placed. So choose an interesting material with which to wrap each vase and flowers would be nice to be in the same color so that things do not look messy.

Discreet. For an intimate party, even in your backyard, small arrangements are best suited. Glasses with candles, shorter vases, transparent or silver and small bouquets of flowers will be even more a part of the familiar atmosphere.

Mono mix. Choose more vases in one color, but in different forms which you must arrange on the table. Place wild strong colored flowers for an eclectic look.

 Wedding Reception Table Decoration Ideas (Source:

Wedding Reception Table Decoration Ideas (Source:

Bouquets. Ask your florist to tie your bouquet for tables with elegant ribbons or lace and to add all sorts of beads, pins and chains. For such wedding reception table decoration ideas, white flowers are most appropriate for their elegant look.

Black accents. If it is a wedding that does not mean everything must be white. That is why black accents have recovered strongly in the trend of decorations. Vases wrapped in lacquered materials, pads or plates can be used to give an elegant air and always fashionable.

Wild details. Every detail is important. For original tables use colors like silver or gold depending on your preference or theme. On the other hand you can use artificial feathers or dry twigs. A unique table arrangement is made ​​of wild flowers. Wild flowers do not last very long though they are impressive in color and small sizes. Wild flowers impresses with joy and fresh color.


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