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Weddings can be a lot of stress and hard work. Since there plenty of decisions that need to be made, the bride and groom must work together and collaborate in harmony. They must agree on the reception, on the menu and of course the wedding invitations. You can come to a wedding if you are not invited. This is the first step. You will have to pick your wedding theme and starting from there , you will need to create your wedding invites.


The colors are very important. You will need to pick one or two colors which you will want to incorporate in the invitations. If you are having a fall wedding you can choose some soft tones and combine them with some red and yellow. If you are going for a summer wedding choose some bright nuances like green pink, light blue etc.

103762 wedding reception invitations wording 2 Wedding Reception Invitations Wording

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The next step would be the design of the invitations. This also depends on your chosen wedding theme. A fall them wedding requires some fall inspired motifs like leaves, pumpkins, berries etc. A winter wedding allows you to use plenty of Christmas related motifs such as snowflakes, Santa, bells etc. You can also go for some abstract designs or some funny looking styles. You can even ad your own picture to the wedding invitations. It is a very popular choice because it gives it  a more personal touch. But the decision is up to you. Whatever type of design you choose make sure it represent you.

103762 wedding reception invitations wording Wedding Reception Invitations Wording

Wedding Reception Invitations Wording (Source:

Next would be the paper and the writing style. The way you decide to write the wording part is also important. You can choose some modern writing styles or some old fashioned ones done in pen called the calligraphy style. It is a very elegant writing style. The paper you choose for your invites has all kinds of designs from marbled paper to matte ones or really shinny. Just choose whichever you like best. And last but not least, you should include the time details and the location. You can also include a phone number where the guest can call and confirm their presence. You just need to pick out your favorite style and decide on the wording part.



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