Wedding Reception Fall Table Centerpieces

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Fall weddings are perfect to use pumpkins, candles, leaves, acorns, grapevines, lanterns and other symbols like these. Having such a theme means that you have to come up with creative ideas in incorporating some of the fall elements. For your centerpieces, use some leaves. They can help you create gorgeous leaf bouquets instead of the typical flower arrangements. If you wish to go for such a look, silk leaves or even real ones are a good choice. Add the leaves in tall vases and then use candles for the rest of the table decor. They can be tea light candles if you do not want any big statement candles or if you do, try unique shaped candles.

Opt for tall candles in the color orange, red or a dark yellow shade. Display them in the middle of the table and use a wreath made out of leaves with this look. The candles can be added in the middle of the wreaths. You can also choose to incorporate pumpkins in this table décor. The pumpkins can be carved by a specialist or even by you and your fiancée. If this is not your first time carving pumpkins and if you are really good at it, make this a special Halloween wedding décor.

Wedding Reception Fall Table Centerpieces

Wedding Reception Fall Table Centerpieces (Photo by: Becky Cheaney (Farley))

The pumpkins can also be filled with sweets. You can find smaller ones if you want to use them as centerpieces or you can buy the plastic version. Just make sure you don’t add a candle in the plastic pumpkins or else they will melt. You can also go for multicolored flowers and arrange them yourself or order them from a flower shop in town. A professional florist can help you decide which flowers go best together and which colors you should use for the fall theme. For a more rustic concept, try wildflowers and also go with rustic symbols like logs and Mason jars instead of elegant vases. Buy everything that you need from specialized stores and remember imagination is key to a having a successful wedding reception and table decor.


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