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We enjoy cheap wedding projects very much because they determine brides and grooms to get more creative and use their own sense of artistry. The truth is that those who are on a budget always manage to create a more original wedding than wealthy couples. And this is because economical newlyweds are somehow forced to use their own imagination and more of their sense of creativity for the décor. And there are so many opportunities for those who are willing and ready to take the DIY route!

If you are not the most creative person or couple in the world, you can always get inspired from the magnificent wedding projects released by our designers. The surprise comes from the fact that their ingenious money-saving ideas are adopted even by those who have a big budget. There is a lot of originality and distinctiveness in a cheap wedding concept and this is why so many of our modern newlyweds decide to follow this style.

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One great way to decorate a wedding reception and obtain superb results without spending a fortune is to create a unique backdrop for the setting. If you’re indoors, this idea is brilliant, especially if the place you booked is empty and quite plain. There are walls and empty corners that need special ornaments to look nice. And there are many clever ways to do that. We think that backdrop settings are fabulous solutions in this case.

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If your wedding venue is a neutral hall that you managed to book for less, you should now look for the most adequate types of decorations to transform it into a magical space. You know you can do wonders with a few clever elements of décor? All you need is time, plus a little bit of imagination or a great source of inspiration. Even those who are getting married outside the doors have a lot of things to do to set up the perfect stage for the wedding reception. You can hang old photo or picture frames from trees and use this space as a wedding photo booth.

144761 wedding reception backdrops Wedding Reception Backdrops

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The frames can feature different sizes and colors, for a more diversified and unique effect. You can use hanging festive garlands and hanging flower pots. Instead of using conventional vases for the flowers, you can utilize mason jars, wine bottles, birdcages or cups and tins. These recipients will look amazing in a hanging décor. The perfect backdrop for a wedding is the one that features the same colors and textures of the wedding theme. Use the same motifs from the centerpieces in the backdrop. Use curtains, sheer fabrics and drapes with fairy lights for a magical setting. Balloon arches, exotic tents and lattice panels are other suggestions.



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