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Wedding Tips & Ideas | May 17 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

A wedding is all about grooms, they love story, their decision to become a family. As they are the main characters every moment has to be dedicated to them: speeches, toasts are the perfect moment to do it. How? With a poem, a biblical passages or quotations regarding marriage.
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To start with, wedding readings are aimed to express the essence of a wedding. Starting with the Bible to poems they all have to suggest the importance of this event, the happiness and emotions. The first moment of wedding readings is the religious ceremony. The priest along with grooms will decide about what passages from the bible with references to the wedding to include during the wedding ceremony.

The range of options is various. For example, Mark or Robert Louis Stevenson texts. Such wedding readings are more than necessary to your religious wedding ceremony as they are like God’s blessing and more because they usually are part of a religious ceremony.

Going further, also included in this ceremony are the vows. And here the creativity has a word to say. If you feel helpless you can recur to a famous poem or a love song’s lyrics. Or a passage from a movie: “There is an Italian painter named Carlotti. He defined the beauty as a sum of parts that collaborates so that nothing has to be attached, taken or modified. So you are. You are beauty.” is the love declaration Nicolas Cage said to Jessica Biel in the movie “Next”. It can be one of your options as it has so deep significations. A simple and inspired love declaration that can turn into your wedding vow. Think also about both of your favorite love movie.

Apart from this, nowadays there are also some books with wedding readings, containing the most popular quotes, great sayings, poems and love declarations. And in order to avoid common expressions and words that maybe someone heard to another wedding you can combine the texts and, at the same time, to add some ideas of your own. In other words, take this book containing as a reference, as a guide, not as a solution or a totally done text.

Moreover, guests can also think about an original wedding reading when speeches moment comes. Apart from traditional congratulations regarding grooms decision to get married, apart from saying that they are the perfect couple they can add a poem, lyrics or a quote that reveals these things.

To put it in a nutshell, wedding readings are part of a wedding ceremony and schedule. A big day, great words, emotions and love is everything necessary to describe such moments. And as grooms have their first dance at the beginning of the wedding party the most representative words are so well expressed in Leonard Cohen’s song “Dance me to the end of love”. This is an option, but you can recur to your own imagination or favorite love song.11

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  1. fiore

    February 16, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    As for the readings the priest is going to say at my wedding I wish them to be from the bible, a psalm maybe. I’m still looking for the one that I would like the priest to read. I began reading them and I have to make a decision pretty soon. But for the vows, this is a little bit more complicated. I don’t want something that has already been said, but at the same time I’m not that good at wording and words and I fear they won’t be beautiful. But maybe it’s like my future husband always tells me ‘don’t be afraid and let your soul take the ink and guide your hand.’ Maybe I will that after all, since I couldn’t find anything that I like so far.


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