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<strong>Wedding programs </strong>have a long tradition in history. In the beginning, <strong>wedding programs </strong>were meant to inform the participants at the wedding about the rituals and customs the wedding will have. The <strong>wedding programs </strong>can express the meanings your wedding should have, and emphasize the most important moments of the ceremony as well.
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Not all the guests at your birthday will want to receive a <strong>wedding program</strong>. Thus, you will need to find out how many guests will require a brochure, and so you will know exactly how many print outs to order. We consider that <strong>wedding programs </strong>are usually required by teenage and adult guests, when they enter the church. The young children usually don’t receive one, but you should make some extra brochures for more curious children.

The ones responsible for distributing the brochures could be the ushers, if you have some. Another idea for distributing the programs is that of placing them in decorative baskets at the entrance of the church. They can also be placed on the chairs or pews.

The ideal <strong>wedding program</strong> will contain these four important parts: the introduction, the ceremony order, the names of the wedding party, and the closure (or special note). In the introduction must be written the bride’s and groom’s names, as well as the day and date of the wedding ceremony, the location, time, city and state.

The parts that will need to be emphasized in the <strong>wedding program </strong>are the prelude, vows, seating, readings and processional. Secondary parts to be underlined are the musical pieces, or even some lyrics and wording of prayers for the more talented guests that will participate at your wedding. At the wedding party section will be listed all the participants at your wedding reception. In this category, you should rather write the participants’ names using their full names, and the Miss, Ms. And Mr. titles. Further on, I will give you a <strong>wedding program </strong>guide, which I hope it will prove to be useful to decide how your own brochure will look like. Keep in mind that this is only an example, and that the bride’s and groom’s ideas are more important than anyone else’s advices.

The Marriage Ceremony Uniting
<p>Catherine Johnes
<p>and Thomas Buttler
<p>on Satruday, August 5, 2010
<p>at half past five o’clock in the evening
<p>St. Peter’s Church
<p>Portland,  Oregon

<p>Prelude…………………”You Came Along”
<p>Solo…………………….”Love is in the Air”
<p>Lighting of the Candles
<p>Seating of the Mothers
<p>Processional……………”Canon D”
<p>Wedding Message……..Rev. Tom Anderson
<p>Solo…………………….”On Bended Knee”
<p>Exchange of vows
<p>Exchange of rings
<p>Announcements of marriage
<p>Solo…………………….”Forever More”
<p>Presentation of the Bride and Groom
<p>Recessional…………….”Ode to Joy”

<p>The order of the wedding party should be listed in this order:

<p>- Parents of the Bride<br /> – Parents of the Groom<br /> – Grandparents of the Bride<br /> – Grandmothers of the Groom<br /> – Maid of Honor<br /> – Matron of Honor<br /> – Bridesmaids<br /> – Junior Bridesmaid<br /> – Honorary Bridesmaid<br /> – Flower Girl<br /> – Best Men<br /> – Groomsmen<br /> – Ring Bearer<br /> – Officiant<br /> – Pianist<br /> – Solist

More information about how to create a nice <strong>wedding program </strong>you can fint at<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><a href=””></a></span>11

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  1. jules

    April 30, 2011 at 5:01 am

    Thanks a lot for the tips, for the sample and for the entire article. I find it very useful, since I don’t usually go to weddings and I didn’t see wedding programs so far. You covered almost everything there is to know about wedding programs and for that I am very grateful. Fortunately for me I have a small wedding and I am doing the programs at home, so I will just print as many programs as guests. As for the display, I think I will place them in nice baskets at the entrance, so it would be easier for everybody to take a program.


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