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Starting everything on the wrong foot, with the idea in mind that there is plenty of time, many couples on the verge of getting married get into a time crises that things turn from their wedding day to just a party for their guests, since the newlyweds had to put up with tons of stress, nerves and worries that they are now powerless to enjoy it. So here is what and how you should be doing in order to avoid this particular and unpleasant situation.

Begin everything with about a year and a half before, by letting all your relatives and friends to know about your engagement, and set the date. Buy yourself an agenda and write down in it all the important dates and facts, including the church you want, the venue, the restaurant and so far. Write a detailed plan and start looking around on the market to see which of your wishes can be accomplished and for what costs.

Wedding Planning Schedule (Source:

Wedding Planning Schedule (Source:

After about six months of intense research, in which you can engage some closer friends as well, because it is a lot to cover, you can recheck the initial plan and see what is there to be modified. This is also the perfect moment for setting an approximate budget, according with the prices you already seen on the market.

With about 10 months left till the wedding, book the restaurant, go talk with the priest and start buying the decorations for the reception. You can do it by yourself, or hire a specialized firm to do it for you. Also, go see a few videographers or photographers and try to establish a collaboration.

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Two months later, start writing the invitations and announcing the bridesmaids and the groomsmen about their duties. Choose the color scheme for the attires and recheck with the filming company. Send the invitation so that people you have targeted to have the time to prepare.

Are there only six months left? It is time for the wedding dress to shop, try, adjust and anything else you want. Do not forget about the bridesmaids and groomsmen, who must get their clothing articles as well.

Wedding Planning Schedule (Source:

Wedding Planning Schedule (Source:

And from now on, you can set up the reception menu, choose the wedding favors, go with your fiancé and buy the wedding rings and, why not, buy the tickets for the honeymoon as well.

A year and a half before the wedding is never too early, as you are about to discover once you start planning the special day. And it is always sever to leave you some time instead of leaving yourself with no time at all. So start prepping.


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