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Wedding Party | April 24 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

In this article, I’ll talk about wedding planning party and I’ll try to offer you some suggestions and also some tips for having the greatest party of your life because just once in your life you celebrate your love. Wedding planning party supposes paying lot of time, attention in calculating your budget and patience. When talking about planning a wedding party I think at earthy but quite exhausting things but having someone close to you for helping and sustaining your ideas, planning a wedding can become funny and romantic too. So, if you chose to party in a restaurant, you should know some things. Inviting your guests in this type of location, can absolve you of some organization work but you’ll have a depressed control upon the event that’s why I recommend you to cater for some things:
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-Choose a restaurant that satisfies the claims of your guests. If some of your friends are vegetarian, choose a restaurant with diversified menu.
-Discuss with the caterer for some special demands like extra dinners of some changes in the menu.
– If you prepare a surprise party (and here I am thinking at bridesmaids because usually they come with this naughty idea) and you desire a special wedding cake, make sure the restaurant can prepare one for you. You also have the possibility to order it from others confectioneries, fix this thing in time.
-If you have lots of guests, it’s better to create some guests cards with their names. Talk with the employers to put the cards on tables.
-You must be the first persons that arrive at restaurant. In this way, you’ll have some time to talk with the staff that will serve the dinner and will directly take care of your event.
-If it’s necessary, acquit the space for wardrobe.

-Make sure that the chosen location have enough parking places for your guests.
-As wedding it’s a quite ample and complicated event, for partying with no stress, it’s better to ask an event coordinator’s attendance. The event coordinator will absolve you from decorating the restaurant, from placing the guests cards on the tables, will find for you a talented band and also an event coordinator will acquit some paying during the whole event.
-Make sure that music (and here you have lots of options like band, Dj, orchestra) it’s on everybody’s taste. As possible you can, place the guests on tables that the older ones to sit at distance from dance floor, bands, monitors and boom boxes.

-You must cooperate with the photographs but also with the cameraman and obey their advices for obtaining beautiful captures and videos regarding their quality but also their artistic sense. Your wedding video and your pictures must identify as well as possible with the event’s details and parts. As you know, a new trend in wedding picture it’s “trash the dress”. You can opt for this idea and get relaxed in your wedding day while fixing a meeting with the photograph in another day for capturing more interesting pictures where you’d like the most.11

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