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The wedding day is one of the most important events in the life of every person. Therefore, this event must be perfect. Perhaps the budget will not allow you to hire a wedding planner or maybe you want to take care of your wedding and plan it by yourself, in any case, is better to know about wedding planning as much as possible before you get to work.

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In any case, organizing a wedding is relatively complex so if you do not want to seek the services of a wedding planner then, you need to have a guide to help you organize the right way, every phase of the event. A guide isn't always a person, even though this might be the preferred choice, however a book, magazine, catalog etc. from which you can understand how to coordinate your wedding.

I'm going to offer you a few good examples of and publications which I trust you'll find helpful if you want to organize your wedding. “Fabjob Guide to Become a Wedding Planner” is a fantastic which assists the new brides to organize the most significant day of their lives. The book describes a wedding planner’s duties, abilities, responsibilities, qualities etc. Although the book is dedicated especially for those who want to build a career in this field, in fact the book is very useful for future brides who are planning their own wedding because they get advice on how to act like professionals when it comes to this.

 Wedding Planning On A Budget Book (Source:

Wedding Planning On A Budget Book (Source:

After that, you have the “Bridal Guide”, just the right “wedding planner” for the future brides that definitely have no idea exactly where to begin. This is a wonderful publication that comes with chapters like: organizing (about spending budget, wedding invitations, formal procedure, traditions, cakes, design, how to deal with the groom etc.), fashion (wedding dresses, bridal jewellery and fashion accessories, maid of honor's dresses etc.), beauty (hairstyle, make-up, skin care, health and fitness etc.), wedding etiquette (tasks, obligations, thank-you notes etc.), honeymoons & destination weddings (suggestions for going to the Europe, Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, South Pacific etc.). Along with the section of the publication where you can find the testimonies of several couples who got married and wanted to reveal their experience with you.

Wedding Planning Book (Source:

Wedding Planning Book

The most significant thing when searching for a guide to assist you with your plans is definitely to check for a product that has all the essential information and an adequate vocabulary. I recall reading “Wedding Planning for Dummies”, an excellent and amusing book which has served me realize much better what wedding and event planning is actually about. Not just the author’s unconventional style but her easy and positive perspective on planning tends to make this guide special and appreciated by everyone. Mainly because when you organize a wedding it's fundamental to do an excellent job but as well to discover something valuable from this experience.

You can find some books about wedding planning on the internet here or here.


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