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When you are working with people you will meet some very weird folks or some very problematic ones, and I don’t mean problematic like in the case that they have a little screw loose in their brain, but people with very serious problems. To me this topic seems a little bit funny but in the same time very disturbing because it raises a very weird question: what to do in case of a stalker, and why shouldn’t I ask my wedding planner how to get rid of him?
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The first thing that you should know is the fact that even though it seems that you came close to your wedding planner, and that you have bonded along this collaboration you may be mistaken because most of the time you pay that person to deliver some services regarded to your wedding and among them is the friendship part; therefore, you are paying him/her to be your friend. I know that this doesn’t seem very nice but this is the naked truth, take it or leave it. Ok, I’m not saying that there aren’t wedding planners out there who remained friends with their clients, but this situation rarely happens.

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The fact is that, the wedding planner is paid to help you plan your wedding, and to organize all the things that have to be done in time for the wedding; not to guide you or to teach you how to get rid of your stalker. This is the police’s job, to protect you from them and to show you how to avoid future lunatics. If you are a stalker you have to be a little bit nutty and to have a lot of free time on your hands, because stalking is hard job. This is not a joke and I know it, especially if you are the person who is in this position of being tormented by a loon all day and all night.

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If you have these kinds of problems contact your authorities because they will know what to do. Don’t be a hero because it may cost you and don’t ask your wedding planner this question because you may scare him/her and you may end up doing all the wedding yourself. Let the police do their job and the wedding planner too. Here is some information about stalkers and what to do in case you have one.


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