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Learning how to be a good wedding planner is not necessarily a thing that you have to do at a school. Of course, taking wedding planning courses is excellent and even indicated because at the end of these courses, you are given a certificate that proves that your have the required skills and knowledge to become a good wedding planner. But you can learn the same things from books too. There are many examples of a good wedding planner book and through this article I am going to present some of them.
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I will start with the famous wedding planner, David Tutera, who is the author of many brilliant wedding books like:” My Fair Wedding”, “The Big White Book of Weddings”; “Party Planner with David Tutera” or “Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings”. These are wonderful books in which the wedding planner shares some of his experience and ideas. For example in “The Big White Book of Weddings” you will be familiarized with ideas for developing menus and creative cocktails, how to be ”perfectly polished” for the big event, how to create memorable entertainment moments and beautiful floral arrangements.

Other examples of a good wedding planner book are the books written Karen Bussen (“Simple Stunning Weddings: Designing and Creating Your Perfect Celebration”) or Donnie Brown (“Weddings: From the Couture to the Cake”). The first one is an exciting book that focuses on the “where of the wedding”. According to this, the location is the first thing that a couple has to choose and everything just flows from that. You are given the possibility to pick from country inns, art galleries, botanic gardens, private clubs, city lofts and so on. Karen Bussen’s book is definitely one of the best wedding planner books because it offers every detail that a future wedding planner should be aware of.

Donnie Brown’s book, “Weddings: From the Couture to the Cake” is another example of elegance. With his wide known humor, Donnie manages to create the perfect book. It has everything you want to know and more than you need. It teaches you how to book a venue, select the menu, buy a wedding gown, and also has a list attached with not only the questions you should ask the vendors you get in contact with, but also what kind of answers they should give. Donnie is very appreciated by his fans and this book has been received with many favorable reviews; Jamie said that: “After a through inspection of this book, I believe this is the most comprehensive book of its type that I have ever read. If a bride would follow this outline, she could plan a perfect wedding. This is truly a bride’s guide.”

So why shouldn’t we believe Jamie, or any other person that expresses his or hers opinion regarding the level of comprehension and complexity of these books. In my opinion the masses represent the best critics because they are the ones that make the world go round and after all, these books are dedicated to them. So without an audience, the writers wouldn’t have anything. But the same thing is applicable for the readers too: if we don’t have people who share their experience and knowledge, how will we ever learn?11

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