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SWOT analysis is a method designed for strategic planning in the attempt to assess the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that are involved in a project to run a business. This analysis reveals to be very specific in that it defines the internal and external elements that are favorable or not in achieving the project. In its displaying, SWOT has a starting point by first underlining the objective and then relates all these features to it, along with its unfolding. These features are translated as it follows: Strengths – are connected to the attributes a person has in order to help this person achieve the objective; Weaknesses – reflect the attributes of a person which may harm in the purpose achievement; Opportunities – are the elements belonging to the exterior that help in achieving the objective and Threats – are the conditions existing at the exterior that could damage the objective.
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You have been trained for one year to become a Certified Wedding Planner, then you have been working for more than 2 years first as a volunteer in assisting several wedding planning, then you have found a job to allow you work on your own wedding planning contracts. This period you have seen it as the years that have drawn you close to becoming a professional, an experimented wedding planner. Now you have saved some money and knowing how the things work in the wedding planning field you think of starting the business on your own.


Browsing the sites in the quest of a thoroughly designed analysis for strategic planning in the matter of establishing your own company, you come across SWOT analysis, one that could help you review all the elements existing at all levels, including the ones to belong to the marketing level. You have rented a space where you plan to run your business, you have invested good money in the office utilities and supplies, and everything that relates to your image as a new comer in the business is almost finished. You still have some work to do with the business web site, to introduce some minor details, but otherwise all is done – especially the details that are meant to give explicatory notes for the potential customers.

You have always thought to have all the things clearly done and organized before starting to actually run the business, and this is why now few weeks before its official opening you consider to have the wedding planner SWOT analysis performed. You have to see that at the level of personal strengths and weaknesses you stand good, maybe excellent score wouldn’t hurt either and for the rest for the opportunities and threats your friend (the one who helped you a lot with establishing the business) has already made a synopsis and said that you stand also good, especially with your idea to settle the company in your birth town where only two wedding planners are available.


The wedding planner SWOT analysis is a helpful tool for your business identifying the running of your business in its essential points, the same points that will enable your company to be run with success and profit, not to forget also the spiritual rewarding that a glamorous wedding planning brings to your mind and soul. It is in fact this objective you plan to achieve once you perform a job that you like and therefore are totally committed to it from the bottom of your heart.11

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