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Genova, or Genoa (the English pronunciation) is a city located in Northern Italy being an important seaport of the region. The population residing in this city is about 610,000 and it is mostly known as “The Superb One” due to the vestiges of the past it presents in its displaying. In 2004 Genoa has been named EU’s Capital of Culture as the city is renowned for its richness in art, architecture, music, and history. The main sights that the city unfolds are presented by churches, buildings and palaces, parks, promenades and the old harbor.
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Taking one at a time, as a visitor we meet St. Lawrence Cathedral, its architecture presenting Renaissance-Romanesque style, the Church of Sant’Agostino, the Church of Santo Stefano, and the baroque styled church called Basilica della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato.  Piazza de Ferrari is another sight that tourists are charmed by, being surrounded by the Opera building and the Palace of the Doges. Palazzo Rosso (which is now a museum) and Palazzo Bianco are other attractive buildings that offer their splendor to the eye of its visitors.

If you have decided to spend your wedding day in one of the beautiful locations that old continent offer as attractive visiting points worth sight seeing and spending one’s holiday, then the choice of the city of Genoa is one that will definitely mark your wedding day as the most unforgettable event that has ever took place in your life. And it has to be so, after all this day is meant to bring a considerable change in your life, then you don’t have to waste any more time and see what is there to be done to contact a wedding planner in Genova who could look after your wedding venue, offer you options and Italian tips to authentically spend your wedding celebration.

The web pages present many of these professionals who are locals and are at the same time familiar with places suitable for wedding venues, these places displaying their architecture, the prints of the past which overwhelms the passage of time, annulling it in the long lasting grandeur of the buildings and their architectural styles. Getting in touch with one of the local wedding planning professionals you will definitely be introduced to the large set of options regarding the venues for the wedding celebration, and from there you will be able to decide which one is the most appropriate one; the one that matches your dreams and your needs (especially the financial ones).

Consulting one of the wedding planners in Genova you will be ensured of the Italian menu chosen with care, the menu that will offer you and your guests the special delights that make a traditional recipe taste different than the taste you have been familiar with. Even the popular pizza tastes other than you have eaten before, the famous Italian pastas will definitely be cooked in their original style and as such you and your guests will be delivered with the traditional meals that are made in their original homeland style.

One tip: deciding to unfold your wedding celebration in the city of Genova, you should choose an outdoor wedding held in the beautiful places loaded with history and original artistically performed styles(and you can also add very beautiful outdoor wedding flowers), in this way you could get unforgettable shots of the sights combined with the presence of your attendees who have chosen to witness your Italian style wedding festivity.11

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