Wedding packages at the Bellagio in Las Vegas

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Your wedding day is very important. It’s a new beginning, a new chapter that starts with a small ceremony. It’s a new life that you are welcomed to with a couple of rings and some vows.  Everybody is very concerned about what to do and what decision best suits them. Plans are made months before the actual day. Number of guests, location, and theme are some of the things you need to really think about. Some couples decide to hire professional help while others try to make the plans on their own. It pretty much depends on your budget, on your time and skills. To be a wedding planner requires not just time and energy but also creativity. It also implies that you have a sense of direction and that you can easily spot what is best for you.
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Juggling with numbers is another asset from the job description. There are many contracts to take care of and many ideas to consider but none all of them suit you financially speaking. Without some professional help details might be left out. When you feel less inspired then you can always browse through some online guides and see their tips and tricks. In most cases, wedding vendors encourage their clients to be creative and spontaneous. Each meeting is a new possible idea and each possible idea can later on transform into success.

Las Vegas makes sure that all your ideas end up to be a success. Las Vegas takes your hand and guides you through wonderful locations and quality services. Over the years, they have learned that it is important to have a long chat with each and every client before doing anything. What is great about Las Vegas is that to get married is not at all complicated. All it takes is a marriage license tax, a simple form to fill in and that is it. There is no waiting period and no complicated paperwork. All there is to decide is the exact location. Now, when you finally stop at one hotel or resort it should be the one that best suits you. There is a location for everybody no matter their personal taste.

For example, Bellagio Hotel is one of the most elegant locations in the city. Not only that they have the best services in town but they also have a splendid background. If you take a look at their site you will notice not just some classy furniture but also an ambiance that makes you wonder. Could be as interesting as it looks? Could it be that nice? Suddenly, you realize that this might be the perfect place. Only one thing can be done at this point: to see what offers they have and what are their prices.

Wedding packages at the Bellagio in Las Vegas are designed to make a difference. They have been put together by specialists, by people with both the theory and the experience. It all sounds good so far. For example, The Cosa Bella Wedding Package includes an hour of chapel time, the minister, bouquet and boutonnieres, two DVDs, live broadcast, a harpist, as well as a photographer. These are only a few from a longer list. The package also includes a penthouse suite with all the facilities of the hotel and even tickers for Cirque du Soleil’s Show. The costs are close to 16.000$. The price might seem high but if you take a look at the entire list of services you will discover that it’s actually reasonable. Other interesting packages are The Millennium, The Deluxe or Terrazza Di Sogno. Keep in mind that changes can be done, you are offered the freedom to do some changes here and there.

Maybe you won’t settle for wedding packages at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Maybe you will go to Italy and experience the real thing. However, remember that Las Vegas is not such a bad alternative. Pretty much the same services except that now you are in the middle of the desert…which is even more impressive.

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  1. lolita

    January 22, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    Just for the tickets at Crque du Soleil and the price worth it! Well, not quite, but you understand, I guess. I’ve always dreamed of seeing a Cirque du Soleil show and the wedding day might be a good opportunity to do it. Or the honeymoon. Or if we can’t get this at the Bellagio, I might put the idea on the wedding presents list. As for this location, everything really looks refined and exquisite here. Quite elegant and chic. It fits an intimate or romantic wedding. Or a very modern and sophisticated one. And the packages are great as well. I never thought I would say this about such a modern and exquisite place in Vegas, but it ca be affordable.


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