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Las Vegas and its casinos. Why would anyone want to get married here? This is a question that could raise serious debates among people, especially those people who love the city and consider it to be the ultimate wedding destination. To be completely honest, Las Vegas has its ups and downs. However, when it comes to wedding planning there are definitely more things on the upsides list.
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Basically, the city is just like an immense amusement park but where the grown-ups ride the little cars. It’s not always about sweets and chocolate but it’s definitely about something interesting. In order to see whether the rumors are true or are just rumors you should definitely take a long walk down Las Vegas Strip. It is a good start.

It is not enough to see a couple of pictures just as it’s not enough to read a couple of reviews. That is why you need to visit places, to talk to people and discuss all sorts of issues. Where to stop? This is the question at the moment. Riviera Hotel and Casino could be a possible answer. The staff here knows that this is a very special day for you. In consequence they will make all in their powers to make sure that your ideas become true. Quality and respect are not just some random words. At Riviera Hotel they stand behind each action. If you don’t trust their words then maybe it would be a good idea to check out some reviews and some stories. It is easier to come up with a final conclusion when you hear others have a say. The subjective perspective is one thing and the objective approach is an entirely different thing. However, if you manage to combine them the result is perfect.

There is no easy way out of this. You need to take some time and check out the wedding packages at Riviera Hotel. It’s how you discover whether they are fit for you or not. It’s how you see if your budget fits to their prices or the other way around. When it comes to their offer of packages there are two important sections: wedding packages at special packages. Under Wedding Packages you will find a list with their suggestions. You can choose from The Ultimate or Deluxe Wedding Package, you can play royal parts and choose the Imperial or the Majestic Wedding Package. If not, there are some other ideas available: Elvis Wedding Packages, the Unity Wedding Package or the Infinity Wedding Package. As for the other segment, it includes special offers for Valentine’s Day or New Years Eve. Prices vary according to the range of services and the extra features you have in mind. For example, a Deluxe package costs 1.750$ while Noble only 199$. It is your decision to make in the end. However, you should go from one package to another and see which the features that make them so different are. The wedding chapel at Riviera Hotel has been voted as one of the finest in the city. Partly, the award is due to the customer care services doing a great job. It’s not easy at all to give advices and it’s even more challenging to give good advice. For any other questions, there is a phone number at your disposal 24 hours a day.

Las Vegas is all about options so if you don’t like the wedding packages at Riviera Hotel then you can always go for another place and another vendor. Could this be the only reason why couples decide to get married here? Or the list of reasons is longer?

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  1. Eolya

    January 21, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    I missed a wedding a couple of years ago at the Riviera, but the video footage I’ve seen, the photos and the comments I’ve heard made me want to go there with the first occasion possible. Well, it’s not my wedding, but my sister’s and she is looking for something nice and unique for her wedding. I am now looking for some information to help her and I remembered about the Riviera. I kind of like what I see on the web regarding this place, but I don’t think my sister will like it the same. This is the problem with most locations. What one likes can be a dislike of another. However, I will put it on the list with places to visit when she goes in Vegas. Who knows, I might have the chance to dance in Riviera.


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    February 02, 2011 at 3:28 pm

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