Wedding Makeup For Green Eyes

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When it comes to weddings & colors, the best thing to do is to go for an expert’s advice. Don’t plan this aspect by ear, especially when it comes to bridal makeup. The things are very delicate and you can never be sure if the color scheme you picked is elegant, soft on the eyes or even appropriate for a wedding. When it comes to wedding makeup, the most popular colors recommended for brides are the neutral tones. They are soft, classy and elegant and not as risky as brighter tones.

But instead of going safe and formal, we suggest you find a way to make your skin and eye pigment pop without obtaining a strident look. This means you can still consider wearing a colored eye shadow at your wedding. We know that many brides are afraid to wear pink or other flashy colors at their wedding. But when your eyes are beautifully enhanced by these shades you should not hesitate to follow any of these trends!

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If you’re a green-eyed bride you should know that pink and purple hues can really bring out your eyes and make them look even more magical. Green is a pretentious eye color and it needs to be handled properly, with care and attention. There are many shades of green eyes and you have to establish first your own shade. Green eyes can lean more towards blue or brown. You have plenty of time to experiment and try new things until your big day. Green eyes already stand out, but if you want to give them a nice and dainty frame, we suggest you use opposite colors.

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Anything like red, plum, pink and violet can fit. Make sure that the shades you pick are warm and soft. You should know that not all pink and red eye shadows can fit green eyes. So, before choosing anything this daring, we suggest you ask for the opinion of a specialist in field or study a trial to avoid any unpleasant errors at this chapter. A great color palette for green eyes can be composed of browns, coppers and golden greens.

142374 wedding makeup for green eyes Wedding Makeup For Green Eyes

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These nuances are ideal for beach and winter affairs. If you eyes are darker, choose something softer to balance your look. Brides with green eyes should avoid blue shades as they may create an ugly contrast. But you can try as many colors as you want and learn from errors. These are only general rules and not strict rules. Use a jet black or brown eye liner to enhance your green eyes. Choose a waterproof type of liquid eyeliner to make sure your look will last during the day and apply it as close as possible to your lashes.



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