Wedding Jackets For The Bride

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If you set your wedding date during a more chilly season, you'll have to make sure you 're not getting cold, by wearing a jacket. If the climate of the area you're getting married in, is not very stable you still should plan on getting a jacket. Since you can't wear a jeans jacket over your wedding dress, you should order a bridal jacket similar to the next ones. Remember to match the bridal jacket's color to that of the wedding dress, for a harmonious look!

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Here you can see an organza jacket with short sleeves and a ruffled collar, colored ivory. The sleeves are also ruffled, and the site selling his item – – can make it on various colors just for you. At the moment, this bridal jacket – or wrap – is discounted to $25, from $48. You should probably match this fabric to the one of the dress, though a tulle dress could also work just fine.

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This faux fur wedding wrap will be perfect for a winter wedding. It closes with a cute ribbon and it has pink lace applique. This wrap is sleeveless, as it actually covers your shoulders. You shouldn't think twice about getting it or not, as it only costs $14 on On this site you can find other bridal jackets and other wedding accessories, so you can check more items out if you don't like this one.

142423 wedding jackets for the bride Wedding Jackets For The Bride

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One can choose a bridal jacket with a longer sleeve, like seen here. This organza jacket will cover nicely your arms if you don't feel too confident about them and it won't even cost you an arm and a leg – only $24, cut down from the original $55. Chiffon-dresses website has this jacket, and if you can't find it anymore, it means the stock has been sold out and another model is in the making – the products here are released in a limited edition to keep the bride as unique as possible.



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