Wedding Invitations Printed In Bali

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Bali is an Indonesian island situated between Java to the West and Lombok to the East with a population of 3,551,000 according to 2009 estimations, being renowned for its artists involved in painting, dancing, sculpture and music. The Balinese art and culture together with its white sand beaches at the south and the black sands in the north and west, have turned the island into a tourist attraction, the place being frequently visited by tourists organizing their holiday and/or their various family events. If you are a fan of Hinduism and the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata have enchanted your spirit, Bali picturesque places come as soothing addition to the busy tumultuous life.

Planning to celebrate your wedding in one of the Balinese resorts, you have to think of a way to invite your guests complying with the traditional Balinese manner. In the old days it is said that a wedding invitation was made in the format of a food package containing rice, satay and lawar, this package was meant to be sent to the invitees and the guest’s importance was expressed in the number of the satay sent together with the package; the more satay the more important the guest was. In the modern days, this tradition is preserved only for the family members, for the rest of the invitees, friends and colleagues, the wedding invitations are more appropriate.

But considering that your purpose is to present these invitations in Balinese spirit, an adequate manner to have them dispatched to the Western world of your guests is to order wedding invitations printed in Bali, the ones that can be found online in the web sites. The bridal stationeries have included in their variety of invitation options, the Bali wedding cards, inspired by the local artistic craftsmanship. The traditional paintings could function as true sources of inspiration, with visual reproduction of Hindu epics where the colors used are limited to the natural dyes: ochre, black, red, cream, etc. These are the traditional paintings represented by the two-dimensional drawings created on pieces of cloth or bark paper which were destined mostly for temple hangings.

But you can choose as well the paintings that have worked as sources of avant-garde artists’ inspiration in the 20s and 30s, once the arrival of western artists has turned Bali into an artist enclave. The wedding invitations printed in Bali envision also the art form of Balinese artists, the modern ones succeeding to get over the episodes of the Hindu mythology to more liberating visions, reproducing scenes from the present rural life. Due to many famous visitors who have come to Bali, the talented local artists have been encouraged to create their original works, in this way managing to give their talent a worldwide recognition.

The introduction of western techniques and perspectives have changed the locals’ painting concepts therefore the color composition have changed as well as the way of expressing his own free vision without the restrictive rules imposed by Hinduism myths and religion. This feature can be seen also in the way of the modern artisans who use their craft to decorate the Balinese wedding invitations. Choose from the many models displayed online and have them sent to your invitees to announce them about your intention to have your wedding celebrated on one of the picturesque Balinese places.11

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