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All weddings are romantic and are very memorable events. But before this special day, each bride stress to find the perfect decorations, the perfect cake, dress and last but not least the wedding invites. The model and the pattern for ones wedding invitations usually starts from the theme of the wedding. But some couples like to use their origin or their religion to create these invitations. If you are Italian you want to have an Italian theme wedding you can use this theme to your advantage.


You can use some Italian symbols which you can incorporate in your wedding invitations. Photography invitations are a very popular choice. You can us your own picture or maybe you can use some pictures of Italy instead.

103379 wedding invitations florence italy 2 Wedding Invitations Florence Italy

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You will also have to deice what kind of paper you want to use for your invitations, either it is glassine or marbled one you will need to make this decision. Another suggestion would be to make your own wedding invitations. You can do this and add your personal touch to the wedding. There are not hard to make and it will only take you a few hours or days depending on the number of guests. Some brides prefer this option because it is a lot cheaper and they can let their imagination run wild and create something unique for their wedding. The prices for these kinds of invitations range from models to model.

103379 wedding invitations florence italy Wedding Invitations Florence Italy

Wedding Invitations Florence Italy (Source:

There are some invitations that are true works of art while others are pretty simple and plain. Remember to include the location, date and time of the wedding. The guests need to know where the wedding will take place. You can also add your phone number so that people can confirm their participation at your wedding. You can use quotes, jokes and any kinds of images that will make people know and think that they will be attending a typical Italian wedding. If you have a solid sense of humor and you want to create some crazy or some funny looking invitations there are plenty of sites that sell these kinds of invitations. Just make your pick. Succeso!



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