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Wedding invitations are very important in the planning of your big day. They are the ones to set the tone, letting your invitees know about the way you see this event coming into your life at the same time allowing them to be part of the show. Many young couples choose to send unique wedding invitations in their attempt to deliver a message that draws their guests’ attendance. In this respect bridal stationeries display a lot of options trying to meet each special or unique desire of wedding couple when opting for invitation cards.

Your wedding date is set and now it is your turn to think about choosing from that whole variety of styles the one to match your wishes. You have always been fans of the Asian cultures and according to this your browsing seems easier to be accomplished. You have a starting point already, limiting in this way the area of your research. Opening the pages with Chinese symbols and their meanings you look for the ones that can represent the image of your love and of the unity that is about to take place together with your wedding.

Meanwhile you find a site where wedding couples are given the possibility to create their unique invitation cards, in this way enabling them to have the style and the design they think to reflect the best the way in which they send their message to the world. Now combining the ancient style of the symbols with the modern look of a contemporary design you hope to create a wedding card that will charm your guests upon receiving it. The purpose of such invitations is to arouse surprise and curiosity in the minds of the receivers, promising at the same time to share moments of your joy and happiness.

Once you’ve planned to organize the wedding in Chinese style, you need to express your theme to your guests, so the Chinese wedding invitations are the first steps taken into this direction. The wedding gown is the next one to come and you, as a bride, begin the big hunt for your wedding attire, and what can be more representative for a Chinese theme if not the classical red kimono? Knowing that red is the color for brides you decide that the invitations should have red as a color background for your cards. Chinese flowers are also used as symbols for a variety of meanings, not to mention that creating the cards with these symbols you convey grace, beauty and a certain perfection to the aspect of the wedding card.

Flowers have always been excellent messengers of love and unity, transmitting a flow of strong energy to the person to receive them and Chinese have been using them also as symbols to relate to the natural nectar that brings fulfillment and a new, fresh beginning into people lives. Creating your Chinese wedding invitations with Hydrangea (to express love, gratitude and enlightenment), Citron (to signify luck and happiness), Chrysanthemum (for good luck in the home), or Lotus (to represent inward emptying and outward splendor, according to the Buddhist philosophy on the true nature of reality) is a way to perfectly relate to the essence of your wedding theme, and combining the drawings with Chinese deep sayings about love and happiness you can ensure your invitation card an aspect that appeals and at the same time that calls for your invitees’ attendance.11

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