Wedding In San Francisco: 1981 Wedding Love Songs

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1981 has a great year for music. It was the middle of the disco decade. Big names like Pet Shop Boys, Sting, Billy Joel, Bryan Adams, Dire Straits, Lionel Ritchie and Stevie Wonder were very common in that period of time. They made a lot of hits in that decade and they were loved by fans to death. Most of the songs back then are still alive today and are still listened to with great pleasure. I personally believe that when songs are being listened to across the years, that can only mean that it is quality music.
1981 had beautiful songs on many themes, but also on love. Then why not think about some 1981 wedding love songs? Just because they are oh so good. You have below a short list of 1981 wedding love songs. If you want more, you can go here and pick what you think is appropriate for a wedding, then look them up on Youtube and listen to them.

And if you want to buy the tracks, you can visit music shops, but it is easier to buy them from Amazon, Buy or iTunes. They have huge music databases and they surely have what you are looking for, don’t worry!

So here you have the list with 1981 wedding love songs:
“Keep On Loving You” REO Speedwagon
“The One That You Love” – Air Supply
“Endless Love” – Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
“Being With You” – Smokey Robinson
“Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” – The Police
“A Woman Needs Love(Just Like You Do)” – Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio
“For Your Eyes Only” – Sheena Easton
“It Must Be Love” – Madness
“I Love You” – Climax Blues Band
“I’m Gonna Follow You” – Pat Benatar

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